Welcome one and all to the Harvest Festival Hayrides.  We only using our best horse to lead you on a fun ride.

Hannah is enjoying her candy apple when she sees Jakob on the wagon.  Hi Jakob said Hannah.  Jacob is a little shy (he really likes Hannah a lot). Jakob response with a “Howdy”.

Some of the girls are getting settle in the wagon, while others wait in line for their turn.  Dabbie waves to Sophie and tells her to hold on tight.

Here we see the entire scene of what is going on at the Harvest Festival Hayrides.  This will become a Fall Festival tradition!

Fun Facts:
1. Wagon made by using a crate from Michael’s Craft, a couple of dowel rods, and 4 round plaques from Hobby Lobby for the wheels.
2. Outfits a mixture from my collections
3. Fall decorations from craft stores
4. Backdrop form AG

Have you been on a hayride yet this season?