The Girls on the Shelf February 23rd Edition

girls on the shelf

Wonder who is keeping me company in the office these days? Here are the Girls on the Shelf for February 23.  From left to right, back row – Kidz ‘n Cats Galina wearing a Carpatina dress, Erin from Carpatina, American Girl Ivy wearing her favorite outfit from Mini Me Dolly Divas, our newest Wilde Imagination Ellowyne Going in Circles (also known as Blair) and Wilde Imagination Ellowyne Dark Days (also known as Elle). On the front row, left to right, we have Little Miss Matched Girl Rock ‘n Roll Girl (Hadley), Corduroy Cool Teresa (Barbie) and Little Miss Matched Girl Uptown Girl (Emma).

Be sure to check tomorrow – the craft from Karen this week is soooo cool! And stay tuned for the official welcoming of Ellowyne Going in Circles.

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  1. ADORABLE! They’re all so cute together!!! 😉


  2. Nice collection! And about that Teresa Barbie doll, my sister has a ton of Barbie’s, and I think she has that same doll. Only the clothes are blue and the doll’s hair is a little lighter.

  3. dolls livin in harmony! how sweet

  4. Michaela – I think there were three or four in that “theme”

  5. fifthie!

  6. Princess Belle says:

    Oh, another beautiful Ellowyne! I think those dolls are so pretty. Have you been to Shuga Shug’s blog lately, Char? I have been reading up a storm all about the tree new Monster High girls-sorry, ghouls. Their names are: Robecca Steam (she’s a robot orphan, apparently) Rochelle Goyle (A gargoyle) and Venus Mcflytrap (my personal favourite- she’s the daughter of the plant monster). You guys should check it out! :)

  7. I love Shuga Shug’s blog and yes, I have been keeping up with all her Monster High news.

  8. Wow!!! your new Ellowyne doll is really pretty!!!! I love her outfit and her brown hair!!!!

  9. Love your new E.W., Blair, she’s beautiful! You know, I haven’t met an E.W. yet that I didn’t like! These dolls are like Lays potato chips- can’t have just one! (I just recently got another E.W. too!) Char, I’ll send in some pics of them soon.

  10. Granof4 – please do send in your E.W. pictures. We just love them all, too. Like most dolls, it’s just so hard to stop at one. My daughter was noting how I must like to have two of everything – 2 Ellowynes, 2 Little Miss Matched, 2 Maplelea, too many AG (hah) and so on.

  11. that is so sweet! a little bit of everything!