The Five Best Doll Houses for Play

My daughters and I are captivated by dollhouses, the collector type dollhouses are just amazing with their detail and accuracy, but the most popular dollhouses are the ones made for play.

1. KidKraft Doll Houses

KidKraft doll houses come in a large variety of styles and are made to be played with by children of all ages and the designs stand the test of time!

2. Melissa & Doug Dollhouses

Melissa & Doug make some of the best toys on the market today. They are well made with quality materials and designed with creative kids in mind!

3. Wooden and Eco-Friendly Dollhouses

Complete with 6 rooms on 3 stories, this doll house comes completely furnished and has 5 people too. My daughter’s preschool class had this doll house in the classroom – both the girls and the boys spent hours playing with them. Not only are they eco-friendly, but wooden doll houses are imagination friendly too.

4. Barbie Dreamhouses and Fashion Doll Playsets

My daughter got this Barbie Dreamhouse for Christmas a few years ago and it gets played with just about daily.

Barbie dream house dollhouse

5. First Doll Houses and Doll Houses for Little Girls

Basically, when it comes to dolls, their houses and play, most little girls, wasn’t picky. There are so many great dollhouse options – everything from life-size to carry along – it is just a matter of knowing your daughter’s likes and dislikes and where you are going to store it.


And from my own collection, here is the long retired Little Tikes dollhouse from the early 1980s. It is still one of the best play dollhouses ever made and my kids still love to play with this one – when I let them get it out.

Little Tikes Tykes dollhouse

For even more popular dollhouses for play and collecting, visit our Dollhouses page.

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  1. Great review of doll houses. They are all very different with some terricfic detail in each.

  2. all convo has been moved to ag compared to my twin blog

  3. Those are really cool! I had a dream house when I was little.

  4. Ohh, that Little Tikes dollhouse brings back memories. I had one of those. I think we gave it away though. Mom has a picture of me getting stuck in it. Yes, I did really get stuck in it. I had this fantisatic idea (hey, I was only 3 at the time! Gimmee a break!) that it would be “fun” to crawl through it. Right. And I got stuck. XD

  5. Felicity4ever says:

    I think I used to have one of those to either that or my friend had one.=)

  6. I had that! I had that! (The Little Tikes dollhouse!!) Mine came all scribbled over though since it had belonged to another girl before I got it when I was 2? 3? (not sure)

    It has served as a house, a palace during the reign of Madeline, a doll I had when I was 5, a house for fairies (I was a little kid, ok?), and a school for dolls. But right now it is falling apart. :(

  7. ag dolls rock