The mail just arrived and with it came a box from American Girl with the next two American Girl 25th Anniversary Mini dolls in it. I hadn’t gotten around to ordering Kirsten in March so I just waited until April and ordered her along with Addy and the Bravo, Mia!book (which she had not yet read) for my daughter so I could use the free shipping code.

American Girl Minis 25th Anniversary Kirsten

The mini Kirsten has the bluest eyes!! When I opened up her box I decided that she was definitely my favorite… so far.

American Girl Mini Addy 2th Anniversary edition

Until I met Addy. Oh is she cute as a mini!! My only complaint about these mini dolls is that they really don’t stand well. I had a hard time getting Addy balanced right so she didn’t fall over.

American Girl doll minis

The first four American Girl 25th Anniversary mini dolls from left to right – Samantha, Felicity, Kirsten, and Addy. Molly will be added to the collection in May.

Is anyone else collecting these?