In today’s doll world of competition with prices versus quality on dolls and their accessories, manufacturers try to balance both to capture the doll market.  I found that Journey Girls in extending their collection has found that balance.  Let’s take a look at their new scooter…

The packaging is super cute and the scooter is held very well inside the box.  I love the colors, a little pink but not overwhelming.

It comes with a helmet and the front panel of the scooter makes various sounds. The scooter as well as the helmet are made of hard plastic, similar to what is used by American Girl, not Our Generation.

The instructions identify which button makes which sound.

There is a small set of wheels which allow the scooter to stand still.  When the wheels are folded up the scooter can be rolled and make a perfect play toy for girls.

Here is the scooter standing on its own.  Also noticed the transparent plastic doll holder,  it can be removed but it really is the best idea.  This holds the sitting doll in place so she will not fall off the scooter.

The wheels are actually made of soft rubber just like what you would find on a real scooter.

The buttons allow for left and right hand signals.  Also the other buttons make the sound of starting up the scooter and lighting the big blue light.  This is a very well made product.

So who will get the test rides?  Here is Stine, she is a Kidz n Cats doll wearing a Journey Girls outfit and ready to take a ride on the new scooter.

Jennifer ( American Girl MAG), could not wait to take the scooter for a test ride.  She loved it so much she would not stop riding.  Both dolls are held by the plastic doll holder.

Although I have other scooters from various manufacturers, I found this scooter to be a perfect addition to my doll collection.  It sells at Toys R Us for $29.99 and it really is a perfect balance of value and quality.

Would your dolls like a scooter?

Fun Facts:
1. The opinions are that of my own and do not reflect those of Doll Diaries.
2. Both dolls are part of my collection and both fit very nicely on the scooter.