Tender Hearts Dolls Review

Does your American Girl doll need a little sister?

Tender Hearts dolls from Paradise Galleries

Paradise Galleries has a line of 18″ vinyl play dolls called Tender Hearts girls that are just too cute. I first discovered them when I saw an ad for the dolls wearing Girl Scout and Brownies uniforms. They sent me Emma to review and I have to say she is much cuter in person than she is on the Paradise Galleries website.

Paradise Galleries Tender Hearts compared to American Girl doll

One of the first things I like to do when a new doll comes into the house is introduce her to one of our American Girl dolls. Nicki was in a great mood and wanted to be the first to say hello to our new friend. (In the picture above the backdrop is by AmericanDollHouses.com; American Girl Nicki is wearing the Raspberry outfit from MyPinkPlanet.com and boots from the Springfield Collection.) The Tender Hearts doll, Emma, is just a tiny bit smaller than the American Girl dolls but they can share clothes. Emma also came with a white poodle to take with her on walks.

Tender Hearts Dolls

While the Tender Hearts dolls are 18″ tall and can wear American Girl doll clothes, their facial features make them look much more like a girl who is 4-7 years old where as the American Girl dolls are meant to look like 8-12 year olds, and I think the Carpatina slim body dolls and BFC Ink dolls are modeled to be more along the lines of an 11-14 year old. Emma has the cutest little chubby cheeks and pouty little lips which is why she looks so much younger.

American Girl doll vs Tender Hearts dolls

Another thing I noticed is that the Tender Hearts dolls limbs are soft like their bodies until the elbows and knees. They are very pose-able as you will see in later photos – much like a smaller version of My Twinn dolls. Her hair feels silkier but finer textured than the other 18″ dolls as well.

Side view of Paradise Galleries Tender Hearts doll

The Tender Hearts dolls are made from Caressalyn™ vinyl, come with a puppy pal, and are geared to girls ages 6 and up.  Their eyes do not close, but they have very realistic eyelashes that span the entire eyelid line.  Each one comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, too.

Tender Hearts doll review

Like My Twinn dolls, the Tender Hearts dolls are very pose-able. Their joints are not articulated like BFC Ink dolls or Little Miss Matched dolls, rather their limbs are soft and have a bendable wire in them.

how big are Tender Hearts dolls compared to American Girl dolls

Another big difference between Tender Hearts dolls and American Girl dolls is the price. An American Girl doll is about $100 where as the Tender Heart dolls are $40-50 each depending on which one you get, and right now Paradise Galleries has a great holiday deal where you can buy 3 Tender Heart Girl Dolls & get 1 Tender Heart Girl Doll for FREE!  (Promo code: EMC19Day – ends 12/20) – perfect for Grandmas or super cool aunts who need to buy dolls for more than one girl – or you can 20% OFF ANY regular priced doll at ParadiseGalleries.com! (ends 12/19) using promo code: JEBNISCH if you need just one doll. Either way, they are a very affordable way to get a little sister for your other 18″ dolls, start a little girl with the 18″ doll play, or just to add to your collection.

There are four girls total in the Tender Hearts collection and they have a few different outfits and the Girl Scout/Brownies outfits to choose from, too. The Paradise Galleries company is known for their high quality collectible dolls that appeal to a wide range of collectors.


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  5. I forgot to mention that Nicki is wearing Marisol’s hat.

  6. what is the name of nicki’s boots? i don’t see them on the springfield website. are they the dress boots?

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  8. Paige – I did announce the winner on the Facebook page – thanks for the reminder that I need to add it to the post too. The winner was Michelle.

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  12. She’s cute and I love the pics with NIkki! I think a younger girl may love to play with her with her older sis and the sis’s AG. I think she’s a little…sad. SHe looks a little sad. I’m not a fan of dolls who don’t smile so it’s probably just me…

  13. That sweet little face reminds me of my Tiny Tears doll I had back in the 70s.

  14. Chatty Natalie says:

    I kinda agree with Niah. I don’t like sad dolls either… OH!!! A couple days ago I asked my grandma if she had ever seen any doll size Christmas trees, and she said yes, and then yesterday, she bought me one!!! She bought lights and tiny doll size ornaments!!! 😀 Sorry, totally off topic… I do that when I talk to people too… :0

  15. The other day I found a 18 in. Doll line called Today’s Girl in the CP toys catalogue there affordable cute and I love there clothes they also come with 15 pack wardrobe

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  20. char- have you heard of the weeline 18” doll clothes? the weeline doll outfits are as low as $8.99!!
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