Another one of our readers, Teeny, got Caroline and quite a few of her outfits this week. She was kind enough to send in the photos along with her insights into the different outfits.

Sail Away with Caroline!!

American Girl Caroline Abbott Meet Dress

Miss Caroline is one of my favorite dolls by far! As soon as she came out, I knew she was the doll for me. Her story is captivating and well-written. I love sailing and ship lore, and live near the Great Lakes, so I felt like she was meant for me.

Caroline herself is absolutely beautiful. Her hair is long and thick, and the curls are very bouncy and stay together well, even during play. Her eyes are a beautiful aquamarine/mint green. They are very unique and beautiful.

Her dress is lovely, and the pink looks great on her. The fabric is a nice light cotton, but not see-through. The shoes and pantalettes are excellent.

American Girl Caroline Abbott Bonnett

Her accessories really make her meet outfit! Her bonnet is THE BEST part! She looks amazing in it! Everything goes on easily. Her top spins (so cute!) and her purse is embroidered with her name.

If you are on the fence about Caroline, I recommend taking the plunge and buy her! She is worth it.

Caroline’s Travel Basket and Travel outfit:

American Girl Caroline Abbott Travel outfit

This is a beautiful, fun set for Caroline. The Travel outfit is the most lovely shade of salmon, with raspberry accents. The floral design is beautiful. The Empire waist looks great on Caroline! The boots lace up on the inside, but they have Velcro on the back, so it is very easy to get them on.

American Girl Caroline Abbott Travel outfit

The Spenser jacket and bonnet really “make” the outfit, and are of excellent fabric. The jacket fits great and looks amazing on Caroline. The bonnet is my favorite. It is felt and looks SO GOOD on Caroline. Great historical accuracy. Caroline’s travel basket is a very nice sturdy wicker . The napkin is very nice, and I love the fact that the food is not all stuck together, so it has much better play value. The apples and little cakes are nice material-plastic, but not hard, rather more squishy and realistic feeling. The best part is the embroidered map. The colors are shimmery and the quality is all there. I love that is sewn!

Caroline’s winter outfit and skates:

American Girl Caroline Abbott Winter Outfit

I will admit, this is one of Caroline’s items that first really drew me into her collection. The blue looks stunning on her! The coat appears to be a real wool blend, and fastens quite easily. She can wear the Travel dress under it easily without it being too bulky. The faux fur accents are lovely, and the hat looks really cute on her and fits well. Very pleased with this set.

American Girl Caroline Abbott Winter Outfit

The skating set really make the whole appearance come together. The boots are striped and match the mittens perfectly. The boots are lined in a soft materiel, almost like flannel. The were VERY difficult to get on, however… I had to take her socks off. The mittens pull on fairly easily.

The skates are very heavy, quality metal. They are speckled to look old. They fasten onto Caroline’s boots very easily… no problems there. Very nice,durable,heavy skates. Lovely winter set-whether you have Caroline or not, it is magical.

Holiday dress:

American Girl Caroline Abbott Holiday Outfit

This is a must have for Caroline or any other doll. The material is nice a thick, and the pattern is BEAUTIFUL– love the colors.The detail is amazing. The hairpiece is a really nice idea. I like that the braid is there so you do not have to mess Caroline’s hair up trying to duplicate it. It really makes the outfit special.

American Girl Caroline Abbott Holiday Outfit

The shoes are beautiful as well- they echo the design of the dress. Well made and fit easily. I love the gloves! They stay on great and look lovely. The outfit is a bit pricey, but it is WORTH IT!

Birthday dress:

American Girl Caroline Abbott Birthday Dress

Another great hit from the Caroline collection!! Caroline looks amazing in this pale blue dress. It looks great with her eyes,hair, and skin tone. The dress is a nice light materiel, but not see-through. It sort of floats around her. The pattern on the dress is gorgeous. The little flowers are delicate and detailed. VERY nice job, AG.

American Girl Caroline Abbott Birthday Dress

Thank you SO MUCH Teeny for taking the time not only to photography your brand new Caroline in all her fabulous outfits, but also for taking the time to really share your insights with us! I just LOVE everything but her meet dress! What to get first…