Tea set for dolls

There is something about a cup of tea that is just so incredibly heartwarming and soothing. And when you share a cup of tea with a friend, it brightens the day for both of you.

Tea with a special doll friend

It was a sunny afternoon and Molly was so happy that her dear friend April was coming to visit for a cup of tea.

“Hi April!! Thanks so much for coming over this afternoon. I just love your dress. You look beautiful,” said Molly.

Tea with a special doll friend

“Why thank you, Molly. A dear friend of mine, Diana, made this for me – I just love it,” April commented. “Your dress is gorgeous, too, and I love your hair today.”

Tea with a special doll friend

“Oh, what a lovely tea you have prepared for us today, Molly,” said April. 

“Only the best for my dear friend! I just wish our friend Ahmie could join us today as well,” answered Molly.

Tea with a special doll friend

“You know, Molly, I have really been thinking about Ahmie a lot lately. She is such a brave, strong girl! But I do wish she could be here to have tea and cakes with us today, too,” April commented.

Tea with a special doll friend

April gave Molly a special heart cookie for them to share while they talked about their friend Ahmie, shared some giggles and sipped their tea!

A friend of Karen’s daughter, Ahmie, is fighting cancer right now and even though I have never met her, I have “shared” my cup of tea with her numerous times over the last few weeks. How? Karen created a public Facebook event, called Tea with Ahmie, that lets people all over the world send Ahmie and her family positive thoughts, prayers and hope by sharing photos of their cups of tea on Facebook.

If you would like to “share your tea” with Ahmie, get parent permission – or have your parent post on your behalf on the Tea with Ahmie Facebook page OR you can email your Tea with Ahmie photos to me at share@dolldiaries.com and I will post them on Doll Diaries every few days or so.  All I ask is that the Tea with Ahmie photos you send to me are doll related – maybe your dolls having tea, photos of your doll sized tea set, and the like.

Whether you share a photo on Facebook, on Doll Diaries or just leave a special comment on this page, I know that it will cheer up Ahmie, give her strength and let her know that we all are cheering for her!!

Featured in my photos:

  • American Girl Molly and MyAG #57 April
  • Molly is wearing a custom dress by Cupcake Cutie Pie and April is wearing a custom dress by Diana
  • The table and tea set are from The Queen’s Treasures