Tea Time in Australia

The winner of The Queen’s Treasures Tea Time Treats, April and her daughters, have been regular contributors to Doll Diaries for quite a long time and they live all the way in Australia!! I was so happy to find out the Tea Treats made it all the way there and that their dolls were able to have some real tea party fun!

Dear Char,
Thank you so much for the delicious looking little cakes from The Queen’s Treasures.
Some of our dolls had a chance to have some afternoon tea today.
Suki, Caroline, Marie-Grace, Baby and Marisol each chose their favorite treat.
Thanks so much for the great give-aways you have been having, and for posting all the way to Australia!!!

Don’t they look yummy??

Thank you April and the girls for taking the time to share your fun photos with us!!

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  1. FIRSTIE! Those look so good! Wow, it’s really cool that you live in Australia, April.

  2. Secondie cute

  3. Congrats on winning, April and family! Your dolls look like they’re having fun!

  4. Hey Char, what’s your email address I forgot it.

  5. 5thie

  6. 6thie! Cute tea party!

  7. So cute!

  8. Liv – It’s share@dolldiaries.com.

  9. Cute congrats on winning 😀
    Does anyone else think McKenna is gonna be sold out before christmas ??

  10. @Hayley
    I’m pretty sure Its too bad some Girls might not get there Present of there dreams : (

  11. so nice!

  12. Iris+McKenna says:

    Oh everything is so cute! Congrats!

    Hayley- I think that since she’s already backordered till December 7th, she’ll probably be soldout before Christmas.

  13. @Iris+McKenna Agreed. However, I have a feeling that she will be sold out towards the end of November, early December. I hope I’m wrong, though. :(
    If I remember correctly, Kanani was sold out in early December, right?

  14. Pretty Irish AG says:

    @Hayley I got McKenna in April

  15. @ Hayley I am going to the American girl doll store in la for my birthday and my mom said I can pick out a doll. I really want to chose her. Do any of you think she will be in the again store in la December 1st????

  16. 15thiy

  17. I live in Australia too!

  18. 17hiy

  19. Off topic for a bit…when’s the next photo contest, Char?

  20. Thanks all. It is lovely to be able to be included even though we are so far away!

  21. StoryTeller says:

    Congratulations on winning! It looks like your dolls are really enjoying their new treats. : )

  22. Very cute scene. I love those furnitures and the doll hat is beautiful!

  23. I keep forgetting it is so warm in Australia now! Your girls look absolutely lovely, like proper princesses. Enjoy the set, it’s beautiful. The photos are so cleverly done. Don’t you adore that parasol???
    McKenna is backordered online – her “fancy” dress has sold out, I would always hope that she would still be in stores on December 1st. She is the GOTY and should be available until the 31st – Kanani sold out on Dec 3rd online – Everytime I considered McKenna, athletic as she is, a crop of her collection would disappear. There were these 4 days in October . . . quiet ones . . .everyting from her starter collection was in stock, the lemon long sleeve leo-, back to school, not the bed or the beam & bar, but the team accessories, sack w/ accessories. I waited too long to talk to my mom – things heated up and the doll backordered. Maybe you can call a personal shopper in LA and have them hold a McKenna doll for you! My mom did that once in NY and it worked wonders – my Aunt picked up my doll. I kind of regret not adding her to my collection, I heard her hair was really cool and easy to style, but now there’s Saige and her whole world to look forward to!

  24. Iluvdolls, it’s around 28 degrees Celsius at the moment in Australia. Thank goodness I have McKenna an her fancy dress!

  25. Sharry – thanks for the reminder. I had planned on starting it over the weekend but got sidetracked. Watch for it in the next day or so.

  26. Great tea party.

  27. Sabrina – I think if you call them you might be able
    To have them put one a side just for you ?
    a personal shopper maybe could do this ?
    Pretty Irish AG- lucky I was gonna exchange my cecile
    Doll back in January but didn’t :/ so I wished there’s a time machine lol
    I’m gonna go write a letter to scientists asking if they could make one

  28. Congrats on winning, These photos are cute!

  29. Oh and the writing a letter to time machine was a joke lol I know they can’t .-.

  30. I think it’s sad that many may not get McKenna this year. Since she is popular its kind of ags fault they didnt make enough.

  31. I love your pictures! I just fell in love w/ Marie Grace .. she has such a soft look to her face in your pics. <3