Sunday afternoons are my favorite times of the week, so it seems Alma and Lidia have found the perfect thing to do…….

Alma and Lidia had Sunday afternoon tea and pastries.  As I grabbed my camera I saw Alma holding the tongs to pick up a pastry, while Lidia is pouring  a cup of  tea,  Rembrandt is waiting for any little scraps that may fall.

“Alma, Lidia can you please look at me?  I would like a picture for the scrapbook.”  They both turned and gave me a perfect smile.

“Would you like a pom pom?” offered Alma. “No thank you,” I said, “you two enjoy yourselves.  Don’t give scraps to Rembrandt”,  I reminded them.

The girls went back to their tea party for two, and I heard Lidia saying how much she loves white doughnuts.  How well she holds her teacup and doughnut, so very well mannered.

“Hi Alma” said Lola as she walked in.  “Hi” answered Alma, “come in, he is ready for you”.  “Lidia” , said Alma, “meet Lola, she is our next door neighbor and she is here to take Rembrandt for an afternoon walk.”

“Hi boy”, said Lola to Rembrandt, as she walks over to pet him.  “What a nice neighbor” commented Lidia, and she loves dogs.

As Lola takes Rembrandt’s leash, Alma reminds Lola how Rembrandt loves to run after the squirrels, so hold on to his leach tightly.  Have fun and be back by  dinner time.

“Lola”, said Alma, “please help yourself to a pastry,  just make sure Rembrandt does not take it away”.   “Thank you said”, Lola,” I love strawberries, so I will take this one.”

Off to the park Lola went and there she met up with friends.  Well that is for another story….

Alma and Lidia continued with their Sunday tea for two but soon had other ideas…

Off to the beach they went as soon as they changed their clothes, they found Isabelle and Lola.  “Lola where is Rembrandt? ” asked Alma.  “Oh don’t worry” said Lola, “he is with my aunt,  she loves playing with him”.  When Isabelle called to invite me to the beach I just could not resist.  We understand said Alma, we can not stay long.

The girls could not stay long at the beach because it was Lidia’s turn to go shopping with the nice lady.  This was Lidia’s first time going shopping, and boy did she get attention.  Several Walmart employees came running to the cart wanting to know who she was, they kept saying “she looks like a real girl!’   Lidia loved shopping and she held up her favorite outfit,  may I please get this one she asked?   Of course said the nice lady.

How do your dolls spend Sundays?

Fun Facts:
1. All the props are part of my doll collection.
2. Lola is an Adora Friends doll and in my opinion is very pretty.
3. Alma and Lidia have amazing shaped hands.  They can hold items so easily almost like a real person.
4. Lidia as well as Alma always turn heads when taken to the stores and they are so well behaved…;-)
5. Both Alma and Lidia can wear Newborn outfits, it has to say Newborn, the 0-3 months are too big.