Our Generation makes some really neat and well priced accessory set for the 18″ dolls and you can find them primarily at Target stores. They rotate the stock frequently and you usually will not find the same assortment of accessories from store to store in your local area. Madelon found the Our Generation Inflatable Sleeping Bag set at her Target – this set is not listed on Target’s website at all – and was kind enough to send in a few photos.

Our Generation Inflatable Sleeping Bag Set

This is what the R.S. Be Me Inflatable Sleeping Bag Set looks like in the box and it sells for about $25 at Target.


It comes with an actual inflatable mattress, sleeping bag cover, sleeping mask, one flashlight, one popcorn bowl, one DVD case with disc, and one journal.

Josefina tries out the sleeping bag – another great set from Our Generation!

The switch on the flashlight goes up and down.

The DVD is naturally about horses. I like its size and detail.

When you open up the box there is a cute “DVD”.

The popcorn bowl looks a lot like the American Girl version.

The journal has a velcro closure and pages to write on.

The sleeping bag coverΒ is very well made. Although there are three fabric prints seen together, the cover has a fun youthful feel. The ribbon detailing and flower add a nice touch.

The built in pillow is covered in a soft flannel feel fabric.

The mattress can be reinflated from a valve at the top. All-in-all a good value!

Josefina is ready for a nap!

Thanks so much Madelon for giving us a closer look at this fun set from Our Generation!