Sunday Showcase for June 7

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Good morning! I hope you had a week full of fun and creativity! Even though we have added Camp Memories posts each week for you to share photos of your dolls enjoying camp activities, we are still going to have Sunday Showcase. Let’s get started. I just HAD to share this! One of our readers, […]

Sunday Showcase for May 24


Good morning! What a beautiful weekend – I hope you are enjoying it! Our weekend has been filled with fun and we still have more to go, but don’t forget to take a few moments and remember what this weekend is all about and the brave men and women who gave all so we can […]

Sunday Showcase for May 3rd

Kanani close

Hooray for having a weekend at home to get caught up with everything! Everyone who sent in Camp Doll Diaries logos should have received an email from me yesterday (if you didn’t, send me a note). I will be responding to all the Camp Doll Diaries guest counselor requests that I have received so far […]

Sunday Showcase for April 12


Good morning! Did you see the awesome Elsa and Anna dress up giveaway I posted last night? Make sure you check it out and enter! Also, I can not believe how many fabulous Camp Doll Diaries logo entries we got – you are awesome! I am going to share them all with you while the […]

Sunday Showcase for February 22

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Has everyone started thawing out yet? For those of us on the East Coast it has been a long, cold and snowy week and I am totally ready for spring! How about the dolls? It looks like they have had a great week – take a look. From Melangell – Saige and Matilda had a little […]

Sunday Showcase for February 15


Good morning! I just love weekend mornings – I almost always get up before anyone else, make my cup of coffee and enjoy my time posting the Picks on Saturday and the Sunday Showcase. Each week I am reminded of the amazing doll community we have and how it brings together doll lovers of all […]

Sunday Showcase for January 11

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Good morning everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. It looks like the dolls had some exciting adventures this week – take a look: From Shelby-Grace: Here is another picture of my new doll, Nora! I’m so happy to have gotten her before she retired! I hope you were able to get all the pieces […]

Sunday Showcase for December 28


Good morning! I can’t believe that today is the last Sunday Showcase of 2014 – I’m sure next week’s Sunday Showcase will be filled with photos of Grace and New Year’s adventures. But first, let’s see what your dolls were up to this week. From Fawn – Merry Christmas! “For unto us a Child is […]

Sunday Showcase for November 30


Wow oh wow – it’s the last day of November already!! One month left in this year. One month left for Isabelle. And one month until the American Girl of the Year for 2015 is introduced to us. So much fun and excitement on the way! But first,  let’s take a look at what the […]

Sunday Showcase for November 23

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So…. it has been one crazy, busy week here again! I know I had said we would do a Reader Photo Contest for November, but between Natalie having tech week for A Christmas Carol and appointments for Megan and her foot, it is just not going to happen! I will start working on something fun […]

Sunday Showcase for October 19


Good morning everyone! Thanks again to all who sent in photos this week – it looks like the dolls have had some fun adventures. From Kristen L.– Mini Elizabeth and Mini Beforever Samantha have a mini tea party! From Paula – Kit, Felicity and Samantha all dressed up for tricks or treats. From Madelon – […]

Sunday Showcase August 3

Ania at the seaside

Thanks to all who sent in photos for this week’s Sunday Showcase – I know you missed it last week and I am happy to share all the doll adventures for the week. From Kristen L.- June 30th was Molly’s birthday, and since Kanani and I recently visited Hawaii, we decided to throw Molly a […]

Sunday Showcase for June 8


Good morning everyone!! I hope you are  having a great weekend. Let’s take a look at what the dolls did all week. From Beth – Anne is ready for summer! She loves all the beautiful flowers! From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose have arrived with their luggage and are registering for Camp Doll Diaries. Both dolls are […]

Sunday Showcase for May 18


It’s time for our favorite feature of the week – Sunday Showcase – where we get to see what everyone’s dolls have been up to all week! From Shelby-Grace: On a road trip, we made a stop at Little Round Top at Gettysburg, and that most certainly required a doll photo shoot 😉 Out of […]

Sunday Showcase for May 4


Good morning! Have I told you all lately what an awesome community of doll fans you are?  I appreciate every comment you leave, every photo that is sent in and it truly makes me happy that we can share this creative hobby. Now, let’s see what the dolls have been up to this week! From […]

Sunday Showcase for April 6


Are you ready to see what all the dolls have been up to this week? Let’s get started! From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are spending a rainy afternoon inside playing with their pets. They are also enjoying talking with each other about their hopes and plans for Camp Doll Diaries this summer! From Kristen L.- Molly is […]

Sunday Showcase for March 30

Kaya in metallic

If March is supposed to “come in like a lion and go out like a lamb” why am I hearing the wind gust through the trees and the raindrops hit my window panes? Well, I guess its better than snow! This looks like it is going to be another awesome Sunday Showcase – let’s see […]

Sunday Showcase for March 16


Good morning to the Doll Diaries community! What adventures have your dolls  had this week? From Kristen L.– Kanani is ready for St.Patrick’s Day! She made sure she wore green so she won’t get pinched! From Beth – Anne went to Girl Scout camp for Spring Break. She loved hiking at Kamp Kiwani and riding […]

Sunday Reader Showcase for March 9


My inbox is over flowing this week which means lots of great doll photos from the Doll Diaries community all over the world for you to enjoy! From Heather – Felicity and Kirsten love the Frozen movie so Felicity dressed as Anna wearing Addy’s old school dress, a shirt from the 2003 glitter jeans outfit […]

Sunday Showcase for March 2


Good morning!  It looks like another week of fun and adventures for your dolls! Let’s take a look. From Julia L – Who’s the little hoot up in that tree? It’s Patience with Wilde Imagination, of course. From Agnieszka – I have taken this photo so that you can compare the three types of dolls. Standing […]