Samantha’s Paper Dolls and Her BeForever Collection

Samantha's Paper Dolls

Cordelia noticed that there is some similarity between the outfits featured in Samantha’s original paper dolls and her new BeForever wardrobe. What do you think? *** While Katherine and Rose were playing with Katherine’s French fashion paper doll, Elise, Rose noticed something interesting. “Look, Katherine,’ said Rose. ‘This dress for Elise looks a lot like […]

American Girl Samantha’s Gazebo

15 girls love the gazebo

American Girl’s re-introduction of Samantha’s collection is becoming one of my favorites.  When I saw the new items recently released I knew they would be awesome, so let’s take a look… The gazebo was not available when the Spring release was announced and was advertised as becoming available in March.  In tracking the item on […]

A Closer Look at Samantha’s Frilly Frock Outfit

American Girl Samantha Frilly Frock Outfit

Samantha and her great friend Rebecca both got new dresses recently. Samantha got the Frilly Frock and Rebecca got a new holiday dress.  Let’s take a closer look at Samantha’s outfit and in an upcoming post we will look at Rebeccas’s dress, too. Samantha is headed to Grandmary’s for tea this afternoon and has decided […]

Let’s Take a Look at American Girl Samantha’s New Bed

American Girl Samantha's New Bed

This is a guest review from Elizabeth! *** Hi! This is Elizabeth from I was at the American Girl Store recently and picked up Samantha and her new bed. I wasn’t sure just how much assembly would be required to put it together and I was pleased to find it was quite easy and […]

Samantha’s High Strap Boots

American Girl Samantha's High Strap Boots

I have to admit, when I first saw the high strap boots that are featured as part of Samantha’s Frilly Frock outfit I could not decide if I liked them or not. They have become a point of fascination and I just had to go look for myself how historically accurate they are. Right on […]

American Girl BeForever Samantha Debut Photos

American Girl BeForever Samantha Collection

As most of you know, my daughters and I went to the American Girl store this morning for the BeForever debut. I took so many photos that I don’t really even know where to start, so I figured Samantha would be a good place. Samantha was one of the original three American Girl dolls introduced […]

Samantha’s New Collection and the BeForever Launch

American Girl Beforever Group

Who is excited to see everything American Girl has been working on recently? The big debut of the BeForever line is tomorrow and we can’t wait! We are going to the DC store for the event and will take lots of photos.  American Girl released a video introducing the Beforever line and giving us a […]

American Girl Bringing Samantha Back

American Girl Samantha Pre-Mattel vs American Girl Samantha Mattel

Yes, yes, I know, we are just a little late to the party on this announcement! While I had heard the rumors that American Girl was going to announce they are bring back Samantha along with changes for the historical line, I chose to wait on sharing that information and of course, when they did […]

Throwback Thursday – Another Look at Samantha’s Collection


We have featured Samantha for Throwback Thursday before, but it’s been a while and we miss her, so I thought we could take another look at Samantha and her retired collection. From Cordelia –  In the first photo Rose is modelling the “Meet Outfit and Accessories” from the Samantha Collection which is the first outfit that […]

Happy Birthday Samantha

Samantha Tea

Considered by many to be the single most recognized American Girl, Samantha Parkington is a classic! Today is her birthday – May 26, 1895 – so a virtual birthday party is in order!! My Samantha getting ready for her birthday tea. The tea cart and all her treats are from The Queen’s Treasures. Rhonda from […]

Doll of the Day – American Girl Samantha

American Girl Samantha

Samantha is one of the  “original three” dolls created by Pleasant T. Rowland in the American Girl Collection. For many, Samantha is synonymous with American Girl and she was also the first American Girl historical character to be “archived.” Samantha’s stories are from 1904. She was raised by her wealthy Grandmother and spent much of […]

Throwback Thursday – Some of Samantha’s Dresses

American Girl Samantha

As one of the original American Girl historical characters and quite possibly the most popular of the original historicals, Samantha Parkington also had one of the largest collections of clothes and accessories through out the years. One of our regular contributors, Agoverseasfan, did a photo shoot for us of her various dolls all wearing Samantha’s […]

Doll Play Day 89 Make a Rosebud Circlet Like Samantha’s

How to make a floral headband for dolls

When I was in Natalie’s room the other day I noticed Samantha and Nellie up on the shelf looking a little lonely. I decided to bring them down to my office to hang out with Felicity and Kit for a while and thought Samantha might want to get something new, too. In Samantha’s Happy Birthday […]

Happy Birthday Samantha

American Girl Samantha's Collection

Happy Birthday to our dear Samantha!! Samantha Parkington was one of the original three American Girl dolls released by Pleasant Rowland in 1986. She was born May 26, 1895 and her stories take place in 1904. This is a photo of the Samantha display at American Girl Place in New York City from the summer […]

Samantha’s Historical Case at American Girl Place Chicago

Historical vignette case from American Girl Samantha collection

So, I realized that there are still a bunch of photos from my American Girl Place Chicago trip that I have not posted. Below is a picture I took the first weekend in May – just prior to the release of Rebecca. The historical vignette case from the Samantha collection was the last piece of […]

Our Samantha and Nellie

American Girl Nellie and Samantha now retired

When I heard the news that Samantha’s collection was going to be retired, I knew I needed to order Samantha and Nellie right away. Originally I had planned on giving them to my daughter for Christmas, but once she saw Chrissa and found out that Chrissa is on a swim team, she no longer seemed […]

Rumors of Next American Girl Historical Doll

Rumor has it that the next American Girl Historical character will be Rebecca, a Jewish girl from the late 1800s to early 1900s. Since that time period is very close to the one for Samantha, I wonder if the release of this new doll is the reason for Samantha’s archiving. No word yet on a […]

Is Samantha Already Gone?

The announcement that American Girl is archiving their star Samantha doll has caused an outpouring of emotion for doll lovers of all ages. When the announcement first came out, I ordered my Samantha and Nellie dolls because I was unsure of how long they would still be around – I am now glad I did. […]

Help Us Say Farewell to Samantha

Today American Girl will announce that Samantha Parkington, one of the original American Girl historical characters, will be archived or as some call it, retired. Doll Diaries has partnered with American Girl to let readers and Samantha fans from across the globe say farewell. The upper right part of the Doll Diaries page contains a […]

American Girl Is Retiring Samantha Widgets From an email from American Girl via a few readers: Dear Samantha™ Fan, We’re writing with important news about an American Girl original, Samantha Parkington®. As one of her biggest fans, we wanted you to be among the first to know that soon, Samantha’s complete collection—including Nellie® and her accessories—will be moving into […]