Our Generation Jumping for Joy Outfit Review

Our Generation Jumping for Joy Outfit Review

This is a guest review by Ella of the Our Generation Jumping for Joy Outfit. *** Hi, Ella here! This outfit is just so gorgeous on Marie-Grace don’t you think? Overall it is a very high quality outfit, more like something you would expect from American Girl rather than OurGeneration. Okay let’s begin! The Sweater. […]

Photostory – Shopping for Summer Outfits

Our Generation Cruiser for American Girl Dolls

The new Our Generation Cruiser is just so cute and Doll Diaries community member JGKelsey has put together a photostory featuring the Cruiser and more new items from Our Generation for us. *** Madison is in need of some new outfits for the summer. She calls Alexis to see if she’d like to come with […]

Fall and Winter Outfits from Our Generation

American Girl dolls wearing Our Generation outfits

One of our readers, JGKelsey, has put together a nice feature on some fall and winter outfits from Our Generation for us. *** The weather warmed up for a few days here in the Midwest.  Since it was so nice out Alexis, Madison, and Samantha modeled some new winter outfits that they got this fall. […]

Our Generation Jenny and Bicycle Review

Our Generation Jenny and Bicycle

Over the past few years the quality and creativity we have seen from Our Generation has improved greatly. They make wonderful 18″ dolls and accessories that are affordable and you can easily get at your local Target store. Okay, let me rephrase that a bit. Target carries Our Generation, however, every store gets different stock […]

Our Generation New Accessories

7 Katie n Diana

Our Generations has created more accessories for the dolls this year than ever before!  They are very detailed and very nice quality.  Last year they introduced the doll house, but with no furniture.  This year the furniture was created.  Let’s take a look. This is my favorite piece the Patio Furniture which includes the tree, […]

Our Generation Doll – Kaylee

6 a beautiful portriat

After a much needed break, Diana is back! We are so happy to see her photos and insights into what is new. *** Who is Kaylee?  This amazing doll is part of the new 2014 Our Generation Dolls recently released and I am very pleased to see the many changes that Our Generation has made, […]

New Mini Dolls from Our Generation

Our Generation Mini Dolls at Target

The doll world has been buzzing about the new mini dolls from Our Generation the past few days and after seeing them on Instagram and on the AG Minis of Snickerdoodle blog, I knew we needed at least one. They are so cute!  Natalie went to Target today with her brother to get some storage […]

Ready to Party – OG outfit review

5 Saige loves her look

I love it when an outfit surprises me when taken out of the box.   The Our Generation collection had several items on sale but nothing online caught my attention.  I visited Target today and found new outfits had been delivered to the stores and they were on sale.   Let’s see what I found…… This outfit […]

4 Dolls 1 Outfit – Adora Friends Meet Outfit

Adora Friends Meet Outfit fits American Girl Dolls

Good morning! It has been a while since we have done a 4 Dolls 1 Outfit post – it’s time I started putting them back on the schedule! Today we are going to look at the Adora Friends Meet Outfit.  This is Adora Friends Jasmine in the outfit she arrived in. It is a green […]

What’s New on the Shelf?

4 close up c

What a surprise to find new items for our dolls!  None of these items were shown at Toy Fair, so it makes it even more of a surprise to have found them.  Let’s take a look…… Doggies, doggies, doggies!  What a great surprise, Our Generation collection brings us new pets that are cute, cuddly and […]

Giveaway – Our Generation Plaid to Meet You Laptop Set – ENDED


UPDATED WITH A WINNER! Congratulations Cassie – please check your inbox. I went shopping for one of you again today! Can you believe it? So Natalie and I were in Target looking at all the doll stuff – because we just can’t help ourselves – and I saw another one of the Our Generation Plaid […]

New Our Generation Red, White and Ooh Outfit


We are seeing all sorts of new doll outfits and accessories in stores suddenly including some really cute outfits from Our Generation. Madelon took a few photos for us of this fun new outfit from OG called Red, White and Ooh. *** This outfit with its tulle skirt reminds me of a ballet inspired dress […]

Is It Summer Yet? OG Outfit Review

2 Dabbie the model

The winter season will soon pass by and before we know it, Spring and Summer will be here.  So the Our Generation collection has released these two outfits.  I have been waiting for these since December, let’s take a look… Fun Day Sun Day is the name of this outfit.  For $12.99 this package not […]

Who is the Retro Girl? Review of Ruby and Accessories

4 ruby eyes

As we continue to look at other items introduced in the Our Generation Retro Collection, I just could not resist Ruby.  The Our Generation Collection introduced two new dolls for the Retro Collection, they are Rose and Ruby.   I was very intrigued with Ruby,  but I could not find her in the stores and I […]

Going Back in Time – More Retro Reviews

1 OG red Gingham

In the past week we have seen most of the Our Generation Collection on sale at Target.  I have been very impressed with their new Retro line of outfits and accessories.  The accessories can only be found in the stores and contain purses, eye glasses, hankies, etc.   What I find so impressive about these sets […]

More New Accessories from OG – What A Trek

3 My own camera

As we get closer to the Holidays,  the Our Generation Collection keeps surprising us with new accessories.  Besides their new line of “Retro” outfits and accessories, here is an awesome set for the outdoor adventure girl.  I had been searching for this set for several weeks and finally today I found it.  All the accessories […]

New Shoes from Our Generation

1 new shoes

While we are having fun with shoes today, how about taking a look at the new shoes from Our Generation? The new shoes in the Our Generation Collection are $6.99 per pair and can be found at Target. Here is an overall view of  the new shoes that I recently found at some of the […]

Our Generation Doll House Review and Mini Story

Our Generation 18" Doll House from Target

The Big News Earlier this week Char shared a picture of Lucy and Kit looking at the computer.  Well, here is what happened in Diana’s World….. Lucy and Kit were looking at a link that Dabbie sent them and could not wait to be part of Dabbie’s Big News. Meredith ran into Saige at the park […]

Alice the Circus Girl

Our Generation Alice the Circus Girl

A few weeks ago Diana put together this great look at Alice, the Circus Girl from Our Generation, but I think my inbox swallowed it in the days after my surgery! Anyhow, better late than never! Alice has Arrived! Hi, my name is Alice and what a long journey, but I am here! Hallo, anyone […]

More New Accessories from Our Generation

1we are late

Our Generation actually has quite a few new accessory sets out, not just the cute laptop Char showed you earlier this week! Let’s take a look at some of them being displayed by the dolls and then in their “package” shots. We are so late! said Chrissa as see looks at her new heart shaped […]