Can You Guess the New Maplelea Pet?


Our favorite Canadian dolls, Maplelea Girls are getting a new pet tomorrow and oh, it is cute!! The Maplelea Girls sent me a photo of their furry new friend but want to see if you can guess who it is before I post its photo tomorrow. Here is your clue. The furry friend has four […]

Meet the New Maplelea Girl Saila

Maplelea Girl Doll Saila

I am so incredibly excited that the Maplelea company has let us be part of the build up to the release of their newest doll!! I am even more excited that they sent us the photo of the new doll before it goes live on the Maplelea website – especially for you! Let’s meet Saila. […]

Scoop on the New Maplelea Doll


A few weeks ago we heard the announcement that Maplelea Girls – the dolls Canada – have a new doll coming out September 20, 2011. Since we have quite a few Maplelea Girl collectors and doll owners on Doll Diaries I decided to go to the source and see what kind of scoop I could […]

Maplelea Canadian Girl Doll Review

Maplelea girls dolls Tayrn

It doesn’t matter where you live, one thing seems to always ring true – girls love to play with dolls and dolls that represent their heritage, hobbies, and personalities are the most popular. Maplelea Girls are those dolls for the girls of Canada. The collection of five dolls representing the girls from the various Canadian […]