A Closer Look at Karito Kids

7piper wan ling n gia

Doll Companies come and go, so do they make history? Here is a special look at a company many of you are familiar with by Diana. In 2007 a new doll company emerged called Karito Kids.  They introduced 5 dolls which represented kids from different countries:  Gia (Italy), Lulu (Kenya), Pita (Mexico), Zoe(USA), Wan Ling […]

Reader Photos for March 11


Did you have to Spring Forward last night? We did but I don’t think I will miss that extra hour of sleep until later this week. There are lots of cute photos in my inbox this week. Thanks to everyone who has sent them in. Remember, when you send in photos it is helpful (but […]

Karito Kids Travel Charmers

Karito Kids Pita Travel Charmers Doll

Dolls are definitely a great way to inspire imagination and in many cases they provide opportunities for learning, too. One of the doll lines that helps kids learn about the world around them is Karito Kids. The Karito Kids Travel Charmers line is a smaller, soft and squeezable version of the Karito Kids characters who […]

Karito Kids Dolls Teaching Kids to Care

Highlighted as one of Oprah’s favorites last year, the doll line Karito Kids has launched a new campaign that encourages girls to share how they show they care. By writing an essay of 300 words or less, kids can submit their story of how they have helped out in their local communities, and be featured […]