Quick Video of McKenna’s Gym Equipment


While we haven’t ordered the McKenna doll yet, we did order her gymnastics equipment and a few outfits. I haven’t even had a chance to photograph it all, but I did get a quick video of my girls creating bar routines for the dolls. In their video, Gwen is performing while Sonali cheers her on. […]

Reader Photos of McKenna and More

American Girl McKenna

Time to share some more awesome Doll Diaries reader photos!! McKenna madness has begun and photos of the McKenna debut and McKenna in her new homes are showing up all over. This is a photo of McKenna from Savannah. Randi Rose went to the McKenna debut at American Girl on New Year’s Day and took […]

More Pictures of McKenna American Girl of the Year 2012

American Girl 2012 Bed

So the press embargo has been lifted and those who got the press packets are now allowed to share what they know about McKenna, the American Girl of the Year for 2012. As I find information, I will post it here. Let’s start with her collection. This is a photo of her loft bed with […]

More Pictures of the McKenna Ads


The February issue of American Girl Magazine is on sale at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores already and some subscribers has received them in the mail, too. Sarah took more photos of the ad for the new GOTY 2012 McKenna Brooks which announces an upcoming contest to win the McKenna Brooks doll and a […]

McKenna Ready to Fly

McKenna Ready to Fly

More details about the American Girl of the Year 2012 McKenna Brooks keep appearing as we get closer and closer to her debut (books available Dec. 27 and she will be available Jan. 1). Another reader sent in a few photos she took from the American Girl magazine of the McKenna Ready to Fly book […]

Chrissa is Thrilled

American Girl of the Year Chrissa and McKenna

Just having a little fun with the anticipation of the American Girl of the Year 2012, McKenna Brooks, who is a gymnast… I have two daughters – one is a swimmer and one is a gymnast. Our Chrissa doll (a swimmer) is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her big sister McKenna (a gymnast). Something tells […]

Updated American Girl of the Year 2012 – What We Know So Far

american girl 2012

It’s that time of year again! The time of year where American Girl doll fans of all ages start to wonder… they want to know… they just can’t wait… for the American Girl of the Year for the coming year. In this case it means we are all wanting to know just who the American […]