Wilde Wednesday – Delicate Balance Ellowyne Review

8 that look

She is contagious, beautiful and what an attitude!  Who is she?  Ellowyne, of course!  I keep telling myself, no more Ellowyne dolls, you have a complete collection, well then Wilde Imagination runs a sale and there is yet another Ellowyne that is unique, and must come home.   So which Ellowyne arrived? Delicate Balance Ellowyne is […]

Wilde Discovery

Ellowyne Wilde

I know quite a few of you have been asking for more Wilde Imagination Ellowyne photos and guess what? It’s your lucky day! I was just looking through one of my camera cards and I found some absolutely STUNNING photos that Natalie took of the Ellowynes this summer. She has posted some of them on […]

Wilde Thursday? A Quick Look at Ellowyne Fitting In

Ellowyne Fitting In

Wilde Wednesday on a Thursday? Yep, Natalie here, and I’d like to introduce you to the newest Ellowyne in the doll room. It’s been quite a while since we have added to our Ellowyne collection and I have been wanting Ellowyne Fitting In forever. Luckily my Mom made me wait and she got Ellowyne Fitting […]

Never in my Wildest Imagination

9 so long

The Grand Entrance of this Ellowyne was an event to be captured in this story….. As my Ellowynes and Pru were called upon to come to the Grand Parlor, they looked around and questioned why? Their question was soon answered, she was the Grand Lady of all!  She was stunning, what a beautiful gown!  In her […]

Wilde Wednesday – Elle Picks Her Pumpkin


Happy Wilde Wednesday! Ellowyne is spending this crisp fall day on the search for the perfect pumpkin for the doorstep. I was so excited when I found this red metal wagon at our local Rite Aid for 50 percent off of ten dollars! The pumpkin/gourd came from Rite Aid, too. I borrowed a red plaid […]

Wilde Wednesday – Elle Unfiltered

Wilde Imagination Dark Days Ellowyne Wilde in Plaid to Meet You

Hey all, Elle here! Have you missed me? Yeah, I have missed you, too. Nothing like having those 18″ dolls stealing my spotlight all.summer.long!!!  I mean they are pleasant enough, but Char obviously forgot that I am more fun to photograph than any doll in that crazy office of hers. After all, I have more […]

Wilde Wednesday – Prudence Am I?


Last Wednesday we were discussing the new Ellowyne dolls and Ellowyne’s friends Ameber and Prudence, too. One of our readers, who posts as kananirulz, recently got Prudence Am I? and sent in a few photos for us to enjoy. Prudence Am I? has rooted brown hair and blue inset eyes with applied lashes. Like most […]

Wilde Dreaming


It has been a while since we have added an Ellowyne to our collection – Plaid to Meet You was the most recent purchase and while she is cute, she may still find her way on to eBay. The Tonner Doll Company had their annual convention this past weekend and it was a lot of fun […]

Spring at Sherie’s


So, I meant to post this earlier this week as the Wilde Wednesday post, but I got sidetracked and forgot! Thanks to Sherie for sending in these fabulous photos of her Ellowynes enjoying the spring weather! Clara, Lizette, Bethany (essential Amber), and Pru.   Bethany solo. And of course Pru had to have one too! […]

Doll of the Day – Flights of Fancy Ellowyne Victoria


Wilde Imagination’s Flights of Fancy Ellowyne was available only at the Tonner Convention last Spring. When I saw her amazing blue steampunk inspired look, glass eyes, super long eye lashes and that gorgeous hair, I just had to have her! Luckily for me, Charlie from DollsBehavingBadly.com was at the convention and was kind enough to […]

Doll of the Day – Ellowyne Dark Days

Doll of the Day Ellowyne Wilde Dark Days

Since the category for today’s doll of the day is fashion dolls and it also happens to be Wednesday, it makes perfect sense, that my very first Wilde Imagination, Ellowyne doll be in the spotlight.  This blonde haired, self-proclaimed Queen of my doll room, is called Dark Days and she was released in the Fall […]

Wilde Wednesday – Friends


Did you know that Ellowyne is not the only “character” in the Wilde Imagination line? She has friends – like Amber, Prudence, Lizette and even a guy friend named Rufus. While I only have Ellowyne’s in my collection, some of our online friends have Ellowyne’s friends and were kind enough to share their photos with […]

Wilde Wednesday – All That Glitters

Tonner Toys Golden Swirl Astor

Since the Tonner City Girls are technically related to our Wilde Imagination Ellowyne dolls, expect Wilde Wednesday’s to contain photos of any doll that happens to have a Tonner lineage – from Little Miss Matched, Tonner collectibles, Ellowyne, City Girls and Maudlynne – to name a few. Today we are going to take a closer […]

Wilde Wednesday – Back to the 70s with Ellowyne


Madelon had way too much fun letting her Ellowyne do some closet swapping with some of her 70s dolls. Ellowyne starts off with a very groovy green elephant romper. And she looks beautiful in that shade of green! 70s doll Crissy’s had a  cousin Velvet who wore an eggplant corduroy dress with a cream colored […]

Wilde Wednesday Gray Haze


First of all, apologies for no Wilde Wednesday last week – that whole Thanksgiving thing threw me off schedule. A few weeks ago I introduced you to the Tonner Toys City Girls – who are related to Ellowynes since the are both part of the Tonner doll family. City Girls are a tiny bit shorter […]

Doing a Little Doll Comparison

How big are Ellowyne dolls compared to American Girl dolls

Over the past few weeks I have have a lot of requests for photos of various dolls next to other dolls for comparison. Obviously there are more dolls to compare side by side, but these are the most requested right now. From left to right we have: Wilde Imagination’s Positively Negative Ellowyne wearing Amelia, A […]

Wilde Wednesday and Falling Leaves

Wilde Imagination Ellowyne

I apologize for not posting a Wilde Wednesday last week, but Natalie was home sick from school and it just wasn’t meant to be.  A few weeks ago I won an auction on eBay for all six jackets from the Wilde Imagination Hanging by a Thread collection. They are all just stunning but rather than […]

Wilde Wednesday Returns


Now that the 100 Days of Doll Play is over, I have more time for some of the other regular features on Doll Diaries like Wilde Wednesday, Spotlight Sites (coming up this weekend), more hairstyles and other goodies. For some reason I find working with Ellowyne’s hair very relaxing – especially my original Ellowyne, Dark […]

Wilde Wednesday – Feeling Fatigued

Ellowyne Wilde Feeling Fatigue

It’s a good thing Sherie got a new Ellowyne and sent me photos because I did not take any Ellowyne photos before I left on vacation for this week’s Wilde Wednesday. Meet Juliet, also known as Ellowyne Feeling Fatigue. She has inset aqua eyes and long brown hair. So pretty. A closer look at those […]

Wilde Wednesday Dreaming of Flight

Flights of Fancy Ellowyne Wilde

It’s Wednesday which means my Wilde Imagination Ellowyne dolls are in the spotlight. I really need to start making them some furniture and accessories of their own, but in the mean time, they will take turns showing off. My newest Ellowyne is Flights of Fancy who is from the Tonner Convention. She is a little […]