Fun Updo for Summer

Easy Hairstyle for Summer for Dolls-19

I have just the hairstyle for summer.  It will keep your dolls cool and the messy, casual style will go with your summer fashions. After getting a taste of hot weather this last week while I was in Mexico with my family I am ready for summer! I picked up this hairstyle for you on [...]

Addy’s Hairstyling Set

Addy's Hairstyling Set from American Girl-15

I recently tried Addy’s Hairstyling set.  Wanting to see how versatile the set is, I tried it with different dolls and outfits from different historical time periods. This set was recently retired but American Girl sells a similar set with blue accents. Addy’s Hairstyling Set comes with- cameo and bow braided headband snood Cameo and [...]

Doll Hair-Shades of Brown

Compairing the brown wig colors of American Girl dolls-8

Today I’ve gathered up 6 dolls, all with brown hair.  By sitting brown hair dolls together we can see some similarities and cool differences in their hair colors. So this is how it works.  There are 6 American Girl dolls, some are My American Girl’s, some are Historical Characters, and one is a Girl of [...]

French Braid Headband for Dolls

French Braid Headband for Dolls

One of the very first things I loved about 18″ dolls was fixing their hair.  I taught myself how to french braid on barbie doll hair and I quickly found hairstyles were limited on that small head!  Now with the 18″ dolls there are so many fun hairstyle possibilities!  Today I’m sharing a variation of [...]

Dr Di TLC – Re-Wigging

1 Dr Di new case

Dr Di was reviewing the requests of  her many readers and decided to select a case she worked on many months ago.  She remembered having a customer come in with a real mess…….. As Dr Di sat in her office she remembers the poor customer with a mess in her hair.   Now you know Dr [...]

Photo Story – Grand Opening of the New Beauty Salon

7 taking out curlers

Emily took a job at the new Beauty Salon, she has finished her training as a beautician.  Ali had been wanting some curls on her beautiful long hair and Emily finally convinced her to try a new look.  So off Ali went to the Grand Opening of the new Beauty Salon.  When she arrived Emily [...]

Another Look at the New AG Hair Accessories


Our good friend agoverseasfan sent us some gorgeous photos of her dolls modeling the new hair accessories today. ENJOY… Tori (#38 wig) wearing the headband braid. Charlie (McKenna wig) modeling the headband braid. Jade with the blue hair extension. The blue definitely suits her. Nellie models the long ponytail. Now its McKenna’s turn. Which hair [...]

How To Do The Katniss Braid On Your American Girl Doll’s Hair

American Girl Kanani as Katniss from The Hunger Games

Megan is back with a new hair how-to video! She is a huge fan of The Hunger Games (I am not, but that’s okay – I can still appreciate it) and saw the movie with her older brother while I was in Ireland.  She decided to recreate the “Katniss” character using an American Girl doll [...]

Doll Craft – Valentine Hair Band for Dolls

Make a doll headband for your doll

  Today I thought it would be fun to show you how to make your own Valentine hair bands for your dolls using scraps of felt and elastic you may have around your house. The hair band I am showing today can also be glued but this is a great beginning sewing project and I [...]

A Twist on the Classic Bun Doll Hairstyle Video


The classic ballet bun is a fairly easy style to do on your doll’s hair, but depending on the length, thickness and whether the hair is all one length or layered, sometimes it can be tricky to make look tidy. Megan has found a way to do the ballet bun style with a bit of [...]

Tips for Doing Your Doll’s Hair

One of the things my girls love doing is setting up their own doll hair salon. They have the Doll Hair: Styling Tips and Tricks for Your Dolls book and we bought the doll salon chairs from Target a few years ago (much cheaper than the American Girl version and they work great). We have [...]