Tasty Fruit Tarts for Dolls

Tart for dolls-13

A thank you to Sculpey for sponsoring this week at Camp Doll Diaries!  I have been using Sculpey for a few years and love how easy it is to make realistic looking doll food.  A cool feature is that it’s bake-able and after 15 minutes in the oven the clay hardens.  Yes, quick and easy! [...]

Let’s Fill The Cooler! Making Food For Your Dolls Camping Collection


Karen here and I am so excited to share today’s craft with you in time for this busy camping weekend. While you observe Memorial Day weekend, I thought you may like a fun and easy craft that you can do to add to your doll’s food collection. To make your own you will need: Grocery [...]

Serve Up Doll Size Ice Cream

Icecream for dolls

I love the single serving size ice cream containers sold in the grocery store for doll play.  To add more play value to the container I added my own clay ice cream. The container is such a great size for dolls! Fill it up with ice cream to serve up a doll size treat anytime! [...]

Doll Play – Make An Easy Cake Stand for Dolls


First of all, Happy 13th Birthday to my daughter Natalie today!!  Today’s doll play activity from Anna is perfect for the occasion! Your doll’s table will be ready for any party with this fun looking, easy to make, cake stand. Don’t limit yourself to cake though! It’s a fun way to serve any doll food! [...]

Doll Play – Make a Salt Dough Turkey for Your Doll’s Christmas Dinner

Make a doll sized turkey dinner

I love this doll play/doll craft idea from Karen today!! I know quite a few of you have asked about how to make a turkey dinner for your dolls before, so here it is. With Christmas just around the corner, many people where I live in Canada, cook Turkey for Christmas dinner, for today’s post [...]

Doll Play – Make Appetizers for a Doll Get Together

How to make holiday doll food

You are going to LOVE and be amazed by this realistic looking holiday food that Brandy put together for us. Christmas Eve is a big get-together for my family. We mingle, eat, and exchange gifts. There is so much going on that nobody wants to spend time cooking in the kitchen. A buffet of a [...]

Pack Your Doll A Healthy Lunch!


Karen here and I have been working towards getting my own kids to pack their own healthy lunches for school, today I wanted to share with you a fun way to make your dolls a healthy lunch as well. I found this doll sized Lunch Box at Micheal’s the craft store on sale for $2.50 [...]

Camp Doll Diaries-A Grand Picnic

A Victorian picnic for dolls

Chances are that sometime this summer you enjoyed a picnic with family or friends.  Did you spread out a blanket or sit at a picnic table?  Did you eat sandwiches, homemade family favorites, or fast food? Picnics at the turn of the century, from the late 1800′s to the early 1900′s, were different from today. [...]

Create a Doll Size Candy Counter

Candy Shop for Dolls

Inspired by this cute background by My Doll’s Life we have a candy counter at camp this week.   Can you spy all the cute details back there?  The jars of candy, the lollipop stand, the cotton candy and the dessert pedestal!  I chose a few of those fun details and created our own open [...]

Doll Craft-Make a Cake to Celebrate Camp!

Make a doll size cake

Time to celebrate!  Camp Doll Diaries is just around the corner!  Rebecca asked the local bakery to put an edible image of the camp logo on the cake she ordered.  What a perfect dessert to serve at the pre-camp staff meeting! She loves the way it turned out and wants to order another one from [...]

Doll Craft – Addy’s Happy Birthday Lunch

Addy's Tin Pail Lunch

Did you know that today is considered to be American Girl Addy’s birthday?  For all you trivia buffs – do you know why it is today? Anyhow, Madison is ready to wish Addy a Happy Birthday with a special birthday treat!  She made her a tasty lunch. Mmm, a meat pie, grapes, and little cookies [...]

Pippaloo Doll Sized Girl Scout Cookies Giveaway – ENDED

Pippaloo Girl Scout Cookies for Dolls giveaway

UPDATED WITH A WINNER! Congratulations Heather – please check your inbox. Did you know that today is the Girl Scouts of America’s birthday? It is! Juliette Gordon Low officially registered the organization’s first 18 girl members in Savannah, Georgia on March 12, 1912. In celebration, we are giving away a set of 10 doll sized Girl [...]

Doll Craft-An Insulated Lunch Bag

Insulated lunch sack for dolls

Morgan is reaching for the snacks she packed.  Dance rehearsal is right after school.  It’s a long day and she needs to refuel and have something to eat before practice.  This little insulated lunch bag is just right for on-the-go! Today she packed strawberries, celery sticks, carrots and broccoli.  Mmmm, it tastes so good when [...]

Doll Tea and Cakes Giveaway from Chef Gina’s – ENDED

Doll Tea and Cakes Giveaway from Chef Gina's

UPDATED WITH WINNER! Congratulations Karly! Please check your email. I think today is a Tea and Cakes kind of day and so does Nellie! She is very excited that I chose her to help out with the photography for our next giveaway. My friend Gina of Chef Gina’s makes realistic food props for dolls as [...]

Dolls Who Dine – A Trip to the Mexican Restaurant

Doll mexican restaurant

This is a photo story by Shannie Jo. Hola, welcome to our Mexican restaurant. We love dining at our local mexican restaurant and we decided to create our own. Julie is the hostess and shows us to our pretty table. For the decor we made wallpaper using construction paper in bright colors that we overlapped and taped in a [...]

Camp Doll Diaries – Stock the Doll Coffee Shop with Treats

Make treats for a doll sized coffee shop

Are you ready for part two of the very popular Coffee Shop activity thanks to Brandy? If you missed part one go take a look at it now (Coffee Shop Part 1). For today’s activity, Brandy shows us how to make all the goodies you might buy in your doll’s coffee shop. DRINKS: Coffee to [...]

Camp Doll Diaries- Serve a Japanese Meal


Anna here!  Today I’m serving up a Japanese meal for dolls.  Do your dolls like trying food from other countries?  It can be a new experience and you may discover a new flavor that you will want to come back for!    I love Japanese cuisine.  It can be colorful and beautiful to look at. [...]

Our Generation Party Planning Set


Our Generation (sold primarily at Target) has really become known for making good quality play accessories for 18″ dolls at a reasonable price. Madelon recently purchased the Our Generation Party Planning set for less than $20 and has some photos and insight to share.  The Party Planning set comes with loads of sturdy doll food [...]

Doll Craft – How to Make Doll Sized Cake Pops

make cake pops for dolls

Today’s post has been inspired by all the wonderful cake pops I have been seeing in the holiday magazines. I thought they would be fun and easy to make for our dolls.  This is an easy craft – with one trip to the dollar store and less than $3, you can create enough Dolly cake [...]

Doll Play Day 92 Make a School Lunch Tote for Your Dolls

How to make a doll sized school lunch

Today’s post is inspired by the wonderful new American Girl Allergy Free Lunch. I love this new set and what it means for girls who have food allergies and intolerances. I wanted to have this set for back to school but it was sold out and is currently on back order until September 14th. So I [...]