Camp Doll Diaries – 50′s Hair Clips

Camp Doll Diaries 50s Inspired Hair Accessories

Welcome to another fun week of Camp Doll Diaries!! We are going to do a little time travel this week – back to the 1950s.  This week’s first activity is by our good friend KC of The Real Thing with the Coake Family. Use her post as inspiration and get creative – then show off those [...]

Camp Doll Diaries-A No-Sew Drawstring Backpack


Ivy came out to the meadow to look for the trailhead to the hike she is going to take the campers on later. Ivy is one of the guides at JoJo’s Hiking Center (be sure to check out Brandy’s post from earlier today). She decided to pack light and bring her drawstring backpack.   Today I [...]

Camp Doll Diaries – Make Canteens for your Dolls

How to make doll sized water canteens

This craft is from another one of our fabulous guest counselors, Sharry of Julie Newman’s 70s Time Capsule. While the dolls may be doing a lot of dancing, acting and preparing for the camp show on Friday, they still are at camp and are doing other things like hiking, crafts and games. Sharry shows us [...]

Camp Doll Diaries Songbook

Songbook Camp Doll Diaries

I can’t think of a better way to finish off a great week of camp than with songs around the campfire. This is an adorable little songbook that could be used around the campfire or anywhere that singing is part of the fun.  I created it for Camp Doll Diaries this week to celebrate the [...]

Camp Doll Diaries Set Up – Make a Mail Center

Camp Doll Diaries Mail Center

Who doesn’t like getting mail at camp? I decided to add a mail center for each of the cabins this year so the dolls can exchange letters, the counselors can leave notes for the campers, and of course, so they have somewhere to put those postcards from home! I thought about making the mailboxes like [...]

Posters for Camp Doll Diaries

CDD Posters

Are you getting excited for Camp Doll Diaries? Everyone here is. The counselors are decorating their summer cabin rooms and want to share their posters with you. you can download them free here and use them to decorate your spaces as you prepare for the summer fun too.  They are fun to color and add [...]

Farmers’ Market Season – Doll Sized Cheese Curds

Cheese Curds Shopping Bag Final

Yesterday I went to the Farmers’ Market in Aurora at Southland with my husband and we ran across these incredibly yummy cheese curds and got a chance to talk to the people who even told us about the cow named Sqeaky where the cheese curds come from.  Needless to say, I was pretty excited because [...]

Camp Doll Diaries Bulletin Board

Doll Diaires Bulletin Board

This summer there are going to be  A LOT of crafty projects that you might want to display in your doll space.  Here is a quick little project that you can make now to have such a place for your upcoming masterpieces. You will need the following materials/supplies: a cork board square (mine is 5 [...]

Doll Sized DIY Duck Tape Fashion Rug

Duck Tape Rug Doll Diaries 2

I thought it might be fun to create a little doll sized home décor with Duck Tape to add another fun way to decorate our rooms.  This is what I came up with…an animal print and polka dotted (black and white of course) rug with matching ribbon fringe. This is what you will need: Duck [...]

Make an Easy Duck Tape Headband with Add-Ons for Dolls

Make an Easy Duck Tape Headband for Dolls

When it comes to doll accessories, headbands are essentials. They can be made from just about anything and they really help pull an outfit together. When it comes to craft supplies, you can never go wrong with a roll of Duck Tape. Honestly, you can make just about anything for your dolls with it (just [...]

My Studio Girl’s Travel Buddies Make Great Doll Friends (and Giveaway)

Isabelle Travel Buddies

My Studio Girl makes the cutest Travel Buddies Kits for stitching and creating felt fun.  They are the perfect size for 18″ dolls and make great little friends. While walking the floor at Toy Fair in NYC this February, I visited with My Studio Girl and fell in love with their adorable stitching kits.  They [...]

Create Your Own Doll Sized Sparkly Egg Decorating Play Set

Create Your Own Easter Sparkly Egg Decorating Play Set

Karen here, as Easter approaches I wanted to share an easy and fun way to create your own Sparkly Egg Decorating Play Set from items you can easily find at a craft or dollar store near you! I was able to create my play-set for under $10. I loved the Egg Decorating Set that American [...]

Tulip Pink Ikea Wooden Doll Beds “To Dye For”

Doll Dyed Beds

We found these awesome wooden beds at Ikea for only $20 and determined immediately that we simply must buy them.  Since they only come in unfinished wood and we wanted them to be pink, we quickly decided to dye them the color we desired so that Isabelle and Lanie could start their bedroom out with [...]

Doll Craft-Lamp Made from Repurposed Items

This doll lamp is made out of repurposed items from around the house

Little details are fun to add to a doll space.  This little lamp is bright and bold and has a little shimmer.  It is sure to be a fun splash of color in your doll scenes! Since it is made out of repurposed items from around the house, it is so easy! Of course you [...]

Doll Sized Rainbow Flowers


I love to create things for the dolls using buttons.  With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, I decided that Isabelle might like a rainbow flower. To make it, you will need buttons in the colors of the rainbow and wire.  I used floral wire because it is green and has a fabric feel to [...]

DIY Fashion Shamrocks


St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon and if you are taking your dolls with you to the parades, you might want to create a little fun for their hair.  Here is a fun project being modeled by Emma and Maria from Springfield Dolls! You will need: Wooden Hearts (From Darice) Kelly Green Rit Dye [...]

Doll Craft-A Mini Notebook

Doll size notebook

I’m a notebook and journal girl.  I carry one with me all the time.  Some of my notebooks  and journals are plain, but most have embellishments and accessories.  I love to make my own or at least customize them.  Today’s doll size notebook is a simplified, crafty version and includes some of my favorite ways [...]

Isabelle’s First Snow Day and Snowman Craft


Isabelle woke up to a blanket of white snow in North Carolina and was so excited that she didn’t even take time to put on a jacket (only these adorable boots from Silly Monkey) before dashing out the door. She was so excited about her bootprints in the snow.  Personally, I think they are really [...]

DIY Valentines Day Doll Tote


It is almost time for collecting love letters, love notes and sweet treats.  Yes, Valentines Day is coming up in a few weeks and if you are like me, you LOVE holidays and are already preparing for February 14th!  Isabelle has her own DIY Valentines Day Doll Tote and she is getting excited. You can [...]

Sculpey Tablet for Dolls

Sculpey tablet for dolls

Hey girls! Natalie here! This week the entire Doll Diaries team is having a BLAST playing with Sculpey and making fun things for the dolls. Today I decided to make a doll iPad/tablet for Nellie using Sculpey, some tiny shape cutters and sculpting tools. Take a look. “Wow, adorable things on Dollstagram today!” Nellie gawked [...]