Which American Girl of the Year Would You Most Like to Meet?

American Girl of the Year collection

I had so much fun reading your responses to Which American Girl Historical Character Would You Like to Meet? that I decided to get your take on the Girl of the Year characters. I know most of you have not been collecting long enough to really have known all the girls of the year, but […]

More Pictures of the McKenna Ads


The February issue of American Girl Magazine is on sale at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores already and some subscribers has received them in the mail, too. Sarah took more photos of the ad for the new GOTY 2012 McKenna Brooks which announces an upcoming contest to win the McKenna Brooks doll and a […]

Which is Your Favorite American Girl of the Year?

American Girl of the Year

Since we were talking last week about our new Nicki and Kailey dolls, I thought it might be fun to find out from you which of the American Girl of the Year character is your favorite! Even though you can no longer buy the retired dolls of the year from American Girl, their stories live […]

Welcome Nicki and Kailey

American Girl Doll of the Year retired Kailey and Nicki

We have welcomed the retired American Girl of the Year Kailey (2003) and Nicki (2007) into our house this week. Last month one of my older daughter’s friends was visiting us from out of town and saw my younger daughter’s room full of American Girl dolls. Her friend was telling Nat all about the dolls […]

A Little More American Girl of the Year 2010 Information

The American Girl site itself reveals a little bit of information about the Girl of the Year (GOTY) doll for 2010. From the Events page: Girl of the Year Activity Day Your girl can celebrate the arrival of our 2010 Girl of the Year during an event that’s inspired by a love of the outdoors! […]