This is a note and some photos we got from Susan – the winner of the American Doll Houses Barn Scene giveaway from earlier this spring.

Ellie (8), Caroline (3) and I want to thank you again for the wonderful giveaway you ran.  We love the two room dollhouse and still can’t believe we won!  Of course once we opened it we decided we needed to make a few more crafts before we could send good photos, though Ellie and her friends started playing with it right away.

american doll houses barn scene

One of the first things they played was washing horses at the stable.  We don’t have the right size horse yet, so Samantha is washing a foal sized stuffed animal.  I think Ellie will be saving for an Our Generation horse next.

american doll houses barn scene


The second and third photos show Jenny (My AG 43) and Felicity having dinner.  I think it must be leftover night because Jenny is having Doll Diaries lasagna and garlic bread while Felicity has a taco.  I like showing Jenny’s face because she’s the one Santa thought looked most like Ellie, but the Liberty Jane square chairs I made only show up in the photo where the dolls are too busy chatting to look at the camera.  You can decide what looks best.

Finally, Felicity changed into her nightgown to have a slumber party with Josie (a Madame Alexander doll).  Can you spot all of the Doll Diaries crafts in the picture?  We’ve been busy Doll Diaries readers since Ellie received her first doll this past Christmas.  The site has really inspired our creativity and given us lots of projects to work on together.   I really love sewing and crafting and Ellie and her friends love making things for their dolls.  We check it every day for new ideas and hope the photos will give new ideas to other readers, too.

Thanks again!  As you can see, we’re having a lot of fun.  — Sue, Ellie & Caroline

Awww, thank you Sue, Ellie & Caroline! Your dolls are so lucky to have a great new house and your craft projects look great! And thank you American Doll Houses for sponsoring the giveaway.