By JGKelsey


The dolls at my house recently celebrated Alexis’s birthday by surprising her with a party. You can’t have a surprise party without some party horns and blowout noisemakers.  Today I’ll show you how to make these for your dolls.  Here are the supplies you’ll need:


  • 1 sheet of white 8.5 x11 paper
  • A piece of metallic wrapping paper at least 5inches long and 1.5inches wide
  • 3 pieces of different color ribbon, each at least 6 inches long
  • Clear tape
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • A paper trimmer (optional)

Using the paper trimmer cut a 1 and a1/2 inch strip of paper from the short edge of the white paper.  Then fold the strip in half the short way and cut it so that you have two pieces of paper 1.5 inches by 4.25 inches. Cut a piece of wrapping paper 2 inches wide.  The strip should be about 5 inches long. 


Tape the wrapping paper about half an inch in from the edge of the paper so that it kind of looks like an “L”.  Starting at the edge near the wrapping paper, roll the paper and the wrapping paper around the pencil. 


When the paper is all rolled up, put tape on the white paper all the way around it.  It should use two strips of tape to cover the end.  Then, find the seam in the wrapping paper and flatten the paper with your finger, making sure not to flatten the white paper.  Put a few pieces of tape on the wrapping paper to help keep it closed. 


Use your pencil to roll the wrapping paper towards the white paper.  Roll the wrapping paper again, but this time without the pencil, making the wrapping paper tighter.


This is your blowout noisemaker!  Now let’s make a party horn.  Take the 3 pieces colored ribbon and cut them into 3 equal pieces, so you should have 9 pieces of ribbon, each about 2 inches long.  Make a cut in the ribbon going the long way, but don’t cut the entire length.  Do this to each piece of ribbon.  Get a piece of tape about 2 inches long.  Place it on the table sticky side up.  Stick a piece of ribbon onto the tape so that the non-cut end is on the tape.  The ribbon will have a little curl to it; make sure that the curl is facing upwards. 


Take a different color piece of ribbon and place it onto the tape next to the one you just put down, overlapping it up to halfway.  Continue to do this until you have used all 9 pieces of ribbon.  Tape the ribbons to the white piece of paper about an inch in from the edge. 


Now, starting at the edge roll the paper around the pencil.  Once you have rolled the paper up completely, tape all around it with two pieces of tape.  You now have a party horn!  Make a couple of each so that all of your dolls have noisemakers for the big party!