A few weeks ago we had a great giveaway sponsored by the Duck Brand and as part of the contest entry, we invited readers to submit photos of what they have made for their dolls using Duck Tape. Here are the photos that were sent in – such talent!!

From Jess G. – I made Disney princess dresses completely out of Duck Tape. 

From Sophie T – We’ve had a great time making stuff with duck tape lately, so your giveaway comes at a great time!  Here are the accessories we’ve made so far (I didn’t take a picture of the chairs we also made up of milk cartons and covered up with white duck tape, as I’m waiting for my table to be completed!).  I had some problems with the flower on the purse, as it was always falling apart – today, I added some glue strips from my scrapbook stash, hoping it will hold, this time!  I think my duck tape (from the dollar store) isn’t of a good enough quality for such a project as it isn’t sticky enough.  I prefer working with the main brand (that I used for the back pack and the drawstring bag), you can really feel the difference when you use it! While the purse and the back pack are too complicated projects for my DD who lack patience, the lunch bag was the perfect project.  She was super proud of her accessory and shows it to all her friends!

From Sheryl – Mine and my daughters (Hannah-age 6) duck tape bed creations!

From Linda D. – The fishing pole is made of duck tape. The girls are on a fishing trip with a packed lunch. How fun. Jamber lee Grace caught the biggest fish.

From Audrey.

From Deanna – Maddie and I made the copycat craft by Karen.

From Christian Homeschooler –  made 2 purses with gold Duck tape and one purse with aqua Duck tape.  I love all the Duck tape crafts, so keep up the good work!

From Donna – Here is a pair of shoes I made out of the Hello Kitty Duct Tape.

From Karen C. – My daughter Yazeli and her doll Sophia we made the duck tape snow suit together 🙂

From Emily – Out of my variety of vast ventures and creations with duck tape, my favorite is a skirt/shirt made out of zebra duck tape.  My AG (#25) Olivia is modeling the shirt, which I picture as a beach outfit,  and skirt, that I think as a cute school outfit.

From FeFe – Here is an AG doll duck tape dress I made! I also made a one-shoulder maxi dress, but don’t have a picture at the moment.

I made these with the instructions from Doll Diaries. 🙂 –Sarah

I made this duct tape doll form, but ran out of duct tape, so it looks like overalls. 😉 From Kathleen.

From Keni – my own take on the insulated lunch bag craft.

From Anallia – These are some of the duck tape creations I’ve made for my dolls. The duck tape toms, headbands, water bottles, and the wallet. The toms, headbands, and wallet are some of your posts. I created the water bottles myself.

From Jill – Duck Tape skis!

From EvieAbbie – I made a bag and headband out of duck tape.

 From ags139 – Here is a picture of a few of the many things I have made with duck tape!

From Mattie – One of my favorite creations!?

From Katie – This dress is made of Duck Tape and a paper bag. The “trim” on the bottom of the dress is actually the bag. The brown bag highlights the bright colors on the dress.

From Springfielddolllover. 

Thanks again to everyone to sent us photos in all summer long. We hope you enjoyed Camp Doll Diaries and that we were able to inspire creativity, play and imagination!!