You all have no idea how much fun I have doing the reader photo events and giving away everything from Doll Diaries t-shirts to beautiful doll clothes, doll furniture and fabulous dolls, too. The best part has to be the emails and photos that get sent in to me when the prizes arrive.

Doll Diaries t-shirt

From Lorie: “Abby received her package yesterday! Here is a picture of #37 Emma Grace sporting her new shirt. Thanks so much Char!!! She loved the stickers and thinks the “club card” is super neat.”

From Laura: “Kit loves her new Doll Diaries shirt. It is much more her style than the fancy Marie Antoinette gown. She says thank you!”

From Chloe: “I got it today!!! It’s so adorable!”

Hearts4Hearts Rahel

Lisa was one of the winners in March and had wanted one of the smaller shirts that fit 14-16″ dolls. I had Dacia of Mini Me Dolly Divas custom make us some smaller shirts so they went out with the April batch of prizes. From Lisa “Here you go, Char!  Rahel is a bit thicker and much shorter waisted than the Ellowynes, but I think she fits the shirt just fine. (Sorry for the hockey stick; we’ve been watching the games tonight, and she insisted!”

Sherie was also a winner from March and was patient enough to wait for her Ellowyne sized shirt to arrive!

This is Martie – one of the dolls from my friend Charlie’s collection – modeling her shirt. Martie is a Tonner Rapunzel doll who is about the same size as Ellowyne.

I would like to thank My Doll’s Life for donating the 18″ doll shirts for our Reader Photo Events for 2012. The smaller shirts were a custom order for me by Mini Me Dolly Divas from Etsy. If you have photos of your doll modeling a Doll Diaries t-shirt and it hasn’t been featured yet, be sure to send it in to me.