Okay, that week flew by! It’s already time to take a look at what our readers’ dolls have been up to all week!

Deb shared this photo on our Facebook page of her Kit all dressed in her cozy Tree House outfit ready to play on a fall day.

From Jessica– I recently went to the American Girl Store in Chicago and I dressed as my Pleasant Company re-wigged Molly. She was my first American Girl doll and I’ve had her since 1989. I was first inspired to create this outfit for Molly when I noticed that Rebecca’s school outfit skirt matched a skirt I already owned. Here’s where I got all of the pieces of Molly’s outfit:

From Madelon–  I repurposed this dress for Ellowyne in the style of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady.

Inspired by Brandy’s Monster High Cake for dolls, Candice made her own version for a Halloween party – Looks awesome! 

From JuliHarmony Club Dollshas had a sweepstakes going on their Facebook page for a while. For every 1,000 likes, a doll is given away! I just happened to be the lucky winner of the 8,000 likes sweepstakes, and I received a Juli doll. (They let you choose your doll and her outfit if you win.) By the way, did I mention that HCD named the doll after me–and she looks just like me, too? (They do not offer special “just-like-me” dolls but they have many choices.) Juli has the most amazing little outfit EVER. This outfit is called the Sensational Sweater outfit (or the Pink-a-boo whatever you want to call it) and it features a pink t-shirt, a fuzzy pink jacket, real jeans, and furry, detailed little boots. The outfit is very good quality and the boots are adorable. I liked the fact that the outfit could also double as a summer outfit because the t-shirt is short sleeved. The pink jacket zipped up and unzipped very easily and did not get stuck once. Now, the doll itself: Juli is simply awesome. Her hair is so soft and silky, and it can be brushed with pretty much anything. The level of quality and detail is so good. Juli’s fingernails and toenails are painted PINK!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Her body is soft–a bit softer than the body of the AG Dolls. Her arms and legs are poseable, and she is 18″ tall. She has open and close eyes. Her skin appears a little lighter in the pictures on the website, but she is still BEAUTIFUL 🙂 I love the expression on her face because she isn’t buck-toothed like AG, and she is not grinning wildly but not frowning deeply either. Juli is a nice weight and feels good in my arms.

From Agnieszka – I love travelling and sightseeing and I like taking photos of my dolls in interesting places. My family and friends are slowly getting used to the fact that dolls accompany us everywhere… In September my two frieds and me went on a trip to Kazimierz Dolny, an old charming little town in Poland. And, of course , Consuelo went with us. We had lots of fun taking photos of her. I really recommend Hearts4Hearts dolls as travel companions, they are small, light, very durable and look good in the pictures.

From Brandy – Jemma just picked this up at Target with her birthday money.  She wants to use the beds to make an orphanage for Marie Grace and Cecile to volunteer at.  Love imaginative play!!

Jordy got Rebecca and Caroline and was kind enough to send in this sweet photo of them!

From Delenn – my doll’s rooms. 

From Dharma – Chrissa, Felicity, and Kirsten plan Claira’s 12th birthday party while Claira spies on them.

This is my new doll, meet ai-yun (this means indigo cloud in Japanese), A relative of mine was on holidays when she picked her up for me, and so far I love this doll to pieces! From Ava.

From Madelon – Our Little Mismatched girl shyly shows off her new party dress made by the Lovely Patsy Company.

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