Is everyone starting to get ready for Thanksgiving?  I can’t believe it is already here!  Our dolls are starting to get ready for the event, but in the meantime they wanted to show you all the great photos our readers sent in this week.

From Railey – This is Rebecca getting ready to play the piano though she is getting sidetracked by Praline!

From Nini – This is my JLY Elisabeth playing in the leaves.

From Paula – This photo shows Felicity and Samantha ready to travel to the Princess Ball.  These dresses might look familiar.  I made long petticoats for each and added stand-up neck ruffles to the dresses.  I made the matching hooded capes and decorated the hair bands to coordinate.  I also made the necklaces and the white/gold draw-string purse.  The gloves and shoes were purchased.  Sammy and Felicity had a great time at the ball.

From Samira – The AG doll is MyAG 2010 number 16. That bear is a Coconut Build a Bear and the Barbie is Princess and the Pauper Annelise. Lilly, the MyAG doll is wearing 2001 Kelly shirt and knitted skirt! I got Kelly 2 years ago it was in the closet as a gift.

Sharry made a video of her Our Generation Customized Boy Doll for you to enjoy! 

Melody sent in a bunch of cute fall photos, but I like this one with her baby doll the best!

From Nina – Last week I celebrated my birthday! My parents gave me a Little Miss Matched doll who now goes by Paisley. They also gave my some new AG clothes. My grandma gave me Springfield Olivia, who I renamed Addison Olivia Penelope Rose (or just Addison!). I am very grateful for all of my presents!

From Teryn – Do you think they have their hands full pet walking?

From Sabrina – My AG doll Charlotte and I were doing a black and white photo shoot. She is wearing an Our Generation dress from a set I have. This was my favorite picture from the photo shoot!

Mya’s Ruthie is ready for some snow already. I say no, no snow!

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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  • Email your photo to (it must be your own photo – do not take photos from someone else’s site and submit them as your own)
  • Put “SUNDAY SHOWCASE” in the subject line (I get a ton of email & this will help ensure yours makes it in)
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