Let’s see what my inbox has been keeping for you…

Terrible storms last weekend really shook a lot of people up and so many were without power for days! Madelon’s Josefina goes out after the storm to assess the damage.

Erica and her dolls visited American Girl Atlanta and stopped to take some photos in the salon.

Erica also sent in this photo she took at the AG Atlanta store of her favorite Molly item – her tent.

July is National Ice Cream month! Madelon’s Kanani and Kit are wearing Dollie and Me dresses. They are holding stickers of ice cream.

Hanna made this bed for McKenna in wood shop at school this year. Great work Hanna!

Bailey had fun using Picmonkey.com to make this Polaroid style photo of McKenna.

Ava made a McKenna mini doll out of an Emily mini doll! The leotard belongs to another doll and she had to tie it back with hair scrunchies.

Cecil, Mc Kenna and Harper are doing a parade through their apartment. Mc Kenna (left ) is the dancer , Cecil is singing Sing by Gary Barlow and Harper is leading as well as being a cheerleader.

Natalie’s Dad made her a bar for McKenna – very creative and great work.

Agnieszka’s dolls wishing her a Happy Birthday!

From Hanna: Your lemonade stand craft gave me an idea!! I created a beach party fundraiser for my dolls!! It started with the long lines, all the dolls had to wait in line to get a Lei and pay 10 dollars for entry. When they got out of line they picked a seat or towel to sit on and settle in. The entertainment of the night was kannai’s hula dancing, a beach ball game,and a scavenger hunt! When they wanted a brake they could grab a snow cone to cool off! In the pictures you can see everyone sitting, the basket that collected the raised money, kit and ruthie handing out Lai’s, the LONG LINES, kannai’s performance, Cecile and Samantha selling snow cones, and the bright colors!! This was a blast to do and now Cecile, Elizabeth, and Samantha can go on their school trip to Paris!!!!

Peyton’s dolls Molly, Lanie, and Samantha decided to take a group photo in their room to celebrate their years of friendship.

This is Erin’s drawing of McKenna. Pretty great if I do say so myself!

There are a few more submissions – like Linda’s doll school and Ava’s visit to a very old doll store, but they will be posts of their own over the next few days. Great photos everyone!

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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