Happy Easter to all our Doll Diaries friends!! We hope you have a day full of fun, time spent with family and sunshine!  We have had a tough week – Natalie fell while practicing her dance turns and broke her wrist, but she is in a cast now and will be good as new before long. I know she was hoping to do a lot of photography over Spring Break – we will have to see if she can get creative with those photography skills using just one hand.

From Camille –  I made a bunny mask using the templates that Brandy posted! I made one for me and my doll, Lanie. Hope you like it! Happy Easter from my dolls to yours!!!

From Cordelia – Katherine, Rose and their good friend, Marisa who is visiting for Easter, had a wonderful time decorating their bunny masks (thank you, Brandy for the printout!). Marisa is showing us the cotton tails that the dolls added to their Easter outfits. All three have had great fun hopping around the doll room searching for chocolate Easter eggs.

From Wendy – Grace is ready for church on Easter Sunday! She is wearing the Green Floral Dress from The Queens Treasures.

Kate wanted to deliver some Lindt Lindor’s to her cousins Matilda (Australian Girl Matilda), Florence (Journey Girl Kelsey) and Marcia (Australian Girl Emily) for Easter, so she decided to make a wagon out of GoldieBlox to help her with her deliveries!  Secretly this was a way for me to combine three things that I love (Lindt, Dolls and GoldieBlox) together. Happy Easter, everyone! ~Erin – An Australian AG Fan

From Fawn – Easter Changes Everything.  “The angel said to the woman, ‘Do not be afraid.  I know you are looking for Jesus who was crucified.  He is not here!  For He has risen, just as He said.'”  Matthew 28:5,6

From Linda – Pastor Jack is giving the Easter Service, explaining the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.  Saige quietly plays the guitar.  Julie and McKenna decorate Easter eggs and McKenna and Kirsten with their Easter baskets as
Julie looks on.  All my girls wish you a HAPPY EASTER!!!!

My dolls wanted to show off their Easter best dresses. From left to right, it goes… Ella, Sam, Isabel, Nicki, Grace. And the two sitting on the floor are Molly, and Rebecca,who is in her special dress because aside from posing for this Easter picture, she is also celebrating Passover, and it is ALSO her BIRTHDAY4/4!!!! That is why she is wearing the special Happy Birthday headband! Wait a second…this picture is being invaded by a bunny. Could it be The Easter Bunny?
From: Lauren Happy Easter Everybody!!!!

From Cristin – Our dolls celebrated Poisson d’Avril on April First. Poisson d’Avril is the French version of April Fool’s Day. You stick paper fish on people’s backs and say, “Poison d’Avril” which means April Fish! Our dolls had fun celebrating this tradition with us. www.americangirlatplay.blogspot.com.

From Kristen L.– Grace & I had Spring Break last week; it was amazing! In the pictures you can see; Grace at the AG store in Washington D.C. (with another Grace), Boston (Two different Samantha’s), with some flowers in Rhode Island, and with mini Grace at the Flour Bakery (Boston). You can also see mini Grace at a French cafe and mini Grace with mini Isabelle outside the Library of Congress.

From Sophia – Just this morning I switched Julie and 33’s wigs and I love it! Now Julie’s new name is Penelope and 33’s new name is Lucille. Happy Sunday!

From JGKelsey – Katie is an explorer!  She loves to get out and see the world…even if it is cold out.  She received some snow shoes this winter and she just had to try them out.  She trudged all over the woods near our house looking for animals, but there were none to be found.  The animals were smart and stayed indoors on this cold, cold day. Katie is wearing an outfit from an Our Generation doll pack.  Her boots are from the Our Generation accessories collection.  Her hat is from My Life As…at Walmart.  And the mittens are from an outfit from The Queen’s Treasures.

From Camille– I love my new Clawdeen Wolf Monster High doll! She has so many accessories, and my favorite accessory of all is her bubble gum. I mean, is it cotton candy or strawberry? Anyways it’s super cute!  Her eyeball baseball is terrific, so is her slime glove.

None of my dolls are in this picture but my cat is because she decided to sleep in one of my beds. The bed is in the closet so its kind of dark. From Ashley.

This Princess and Me background makes the perfect springtime gazebo. See more Easter pics on my blog at dollsonadime.com (this was also featured in this week’s Doll Diaries Picks).

Hi,I’m Ali: this is my custom Springfield doll. I would love for you to look at my blog http://foreverfalldolls.blogspot.com

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