It looks like your dolls have had another fantastic week of fun and adventure! Let’s take a look:

School officially started September 3rd, so Felicity, Kirsten, Addy, Kit and Samantha were all ready for the first day of classes in their school outfits! From Stephanie J.

From Kristen L.: K2 and Molly are having a Friday night sleepover!

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose have had a busy and fun week preparing their classroom and making school supplies. Katherine is dressed and ready to go, but Rose, with Katherine’s help, is still deciding what to wear for her first day of class. I hope that she soon makes up her mind; I wouldn’t want them to be late for school!

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) had a fun summer at camp, but she is excited to get back to school. Jane is home schooled by her Mother and she loves learning new things. Today they started with a math lesson, followed by a geography lesson, then a music lesson.

From Linda –  Kirsten is back to school as one of Kit’s classmates….practicing her penmanship with the “Palmer Method.” The flag only has 48 stars! She has her papers ( in the folder made with Doll Diaries instructions ( . Her books are made with the pattern from the day Camp went to South Africa ( She has a geography book with pictures from a magazine and a history  book titled  “What was it like when Great-Grandma was a girl in the 1930’s?” It has depression era photos from the internet.

Matilda standing in the courtyard of the Renaissance castle in Brzeg. From Agnieszka.

This photo is of my Kate, welcoming Aussie spring in with style! From Erin.

From Alisha C.- Just before they head to bed, Emily and Jasmine look through an AG catalog together and point out what they want. (I’ve only had her a week and Jas already wants more clothes!) Meanwhile, Jasmine’s dog, Jackie, sits by patiently, hoping to get up in her lap when they are done with the catalog.

From Beth – Jess and Anne are both modeling jumpers! Jess is wearing the new jumper outfit that is just now being retired, and Anne is wearing the jumper from 1996! Aren’t Anne’s boots cute?

From Abigail – I took Samantha outside for an end-of-summer photoshoot.

From N at Paper Doll World – Alina (on the grass) with a new friend. Any name suggestions for her?

From Lauren G–  Chrissa misses Camp Doll Diaries.

My mini Saige all dressed up. From Sheliya.

From Hannah B. – Julie enjoyed the nice weather by going on a picnic with her pet rabbit, Nutmeg.

From Zoe – Kit injured her ankle so to entertain her she playing with paper dolls with Josie myag #24.

This is my most recent craft. I made this couch out of cardboard, scrapbook paper, fabric, and pillow fluff. I am happy with the way it turned out. The rug on the floor I also made. I made it out of cardboard and yarn wrapped wire. I have made so many things and plan to send in more pictures. From Elizabeth.

From Katrina – Felicity modeling the Snow Much Fun outfit from Our Generation.

From Jo A. – Julie and her bunny.

From Mariah – Do you Alexi’s Halloween costume? She is a fire fairy. Does anybody have ideas for wings?

From Jo & Meg – This is our American Girl collection. Back row (from left to right): Felicity, Addy, Stephanie, Rebecca, Julie, Molly, Emily, Kirsten, Rosie, and Josefina. Front row ( left to right): Molly, Stephanie, Elizabeth, Kirsten, Kaya, Marie-Grace, Cecile, Caroline and Bitty Baby.

Mini Kirsten escapes! A stop motion by Diana L.

From PaperDollArt – relaxing at the park.

From Rachel – For my birthday my mom made me this mock up of the AG Easy Breezy outfit. I personally like this one even better than the one that AG has. The top is a halter top made of neon green and brightly striped fabric. The pattern is the from All Dolled Up Lemon Sorbet top. The shorts are made from more neon green and their pattern is the All Dolled Up free shorts pattern.

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