Oh so long to summer! It was a crazy, busy and creative one, but it is time for a new season, back-to-school and all the fun that comes with it.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos this week – I always look forward to them!


From Kristen L.: Saige is excited that we have “tickets” to Mars again! NASA is giving the opportunity for people to put their names on a chip traveling to Mars on their new mission, Insight (registration until Sept. 8th). In this picture, you can see a human sized ticket compared to resized doll ones, glasses of lemonade, a lava lamp, a Shakespeare book, and etc.


From Monica – On Friday my mom and I celebrated my mom’s Birthday at the AG cafe! They recently changed the goody bags to include a new shirt, a new balloon, an new girl and doll crown, (I don’t remember if the book is new), and they added a doll size cupcake that comes out of the “wrapper.” We bought two! Jess and Maryellen were absolutely delighted. It was an excellent meal and we had such a good time. We would highly recommend it to everyone!


From Fawn – Testing out the new swing.

Dell summer

From Agnieszka – I like the summer evening sun shining on Dell and giving her face such a soft colour.


From Lily, Cora & Eva – The “girls” finally arrived at the Magic Kingdom. Cupcake is dressed as Belle, Julie as Sleeping Beauty and Kit as Cinderella. It was fun to be Princesses for a day!


From Wendy – Enjoying the last days of summer break!


From Cordelia – Marisa enjoys going on long exploratory hikes in the woods around her cabin in a National Park. She makes sure to take her compass with her!


From Shannon – Meet Josefina Springfield and Kirsten O’Generation. These two beauties were rescued from Goodwill and they are wearing handmade outfits made entirely from my scrap stash, right down to their felt boots. They will soon be going on my desk at the local School library, where they will hopefully inspire young girls to read about these interesting characters.

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