Did you know that today is American Girl historical character, Emily’s birthday? If I have time I will do a special photo shoot with her this afternoon, meanwhile, enjoy all the awesome photos in today’s Sunday Showcase.

From Pepper – This is Sonali enjoying the fall weather! I played around with editing a bit, and the result was this! The sweater was a purchase with purchase exclusive.

From Shira G – This is a photo of Addy from a backyard shoot.

From Cordelia – After a busy morning at school, Katherine and Rose are having fun playing hopscotch and enjoying being outside in the sunny fall weather. Rose has discovered that she likes arithmetic very much and Katherine finds history fascinating. However, both just love recess!

From Bobbie – McKenna, “Little Izzy”, and Josephina’s school picture day.

From Alisha C.-Here is Jasmine modeling a tutu and a T-shirt I made just for her–pieces based off of clothes worn by my best friend, who happens to be the inspiration behind this doll of mine! You can’t really read it too well in the picture, but the shirt says “I Refuse to Sink”.

This is my Liv doll Kate. She is a model, just like Liz (from last week’s Sunday showcase. From Katie.

I took a photoshoot with Saige and she wanted to pose next to the welcome sign outside our house! From Sabrina.

From PaperDollWorld – This is Tesla. I experimented with filters when taking it and I really like its effect on the photo.

From Tony – Jane’s mother let her go to the farmer’s market by herself for the first time. She can’t wait to get home and show her mother the fruits and vegetables she bought.

Here is mini Julie taking her baby sister for a walk. She loves that the carriage is just the right size for her to push! From Julia L.

This is my Liv doll. Her name is Sophie. I got her and 2 others at the thrift store for three dollars. From Sheliya.

Last weekend Dell and me went to Berlin, Germany. We spent three days visiting the city and its wonderful museums. Here, Dell is standing at the entrance to Charlottenburg Palace, which is the largest palace in Berlin and which was built at the end of the 17th century. From Agnieszka.

Saige is eager to go to school and show off her new backpack! It even matches her belt! From Beth.

From Linzi.

Autumn went to the Maryland Renaissance Fair yesterday. She was still in her Pirate garb from Talk Like a Pirate Day so she went as a pirate this year. From Melangell

Alice  LOVES to pick apples in the fall! From Shannon.

Saige’s Grandma adopted to twins to take back to Mexico. From Jennifer.

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