Good morning! By the time you are reading this we will be at AGPNY having brunch – I will post a few photos on Facebook and Instagram, too. Let’s see what your dolls have been up to all week.

From Fawn – September is Hispanic Heritage Month.  Josey is all dressed up in her camisa e falda for her family’s fiesta.
Her shawl was embroidered by a little girl her own age from Chichen Itza, Mexico.

Attached is a file of an adorable outfit I found at a Goodwill store-$1.29!!  For this and more fun thrift store doll finds, check out my blog at Say Hello To My Little Friends.

From Agnieszka – Eliza (Cleo by Paola Reina) taking a ride in a horse-drawn carriage in Cracow.

We are getting ready for a trip to Disneyland.  Our dolls are excited to go too!  We made a doll-sized countdown chain, and found theses fun doll-sized Mickey ears {Tuesday Morning}. From Annalise

From Pauline – 6″ Gotz ballerina , renamed Ksenia.

From Bethany M – In January (bottom right-hand picture of collage) I started saving up for Isabelle, and I have it now! I took a bunch of pictures to commemorate. Hopefully next week I will be sending you more of MY Izzy! (we plan to go the the AG store Saturday)

From Isabella – Its raining none stop where were at so emmy and saige thought they would share with you this photo . There headed to school and got caught in a down pour .

From Jo – Here is Clementine playing outside

From Sharry – It’s lunchtime at Springfield Elementary! Both 4th grade classes are sitting in the 4th grade section with all their lunchboxes on the first day of school. Swapping sandwiches, telling jokes and unwinding before they have to go back to class. To see this post, go to Julie Newman’s 70s Time Capsule , Post: The First Day of The New School Year.

From Madelon – Walmart Rodeo Star with my interpretation of a Fifties girl.

From Suzanne – This week I combined some free printables to make a Frozen inspired paper Anna dress for my mini doll. You can see more pictures and read how I made it

From JGKelsey – This is Alexis, or Ali for short.  She was outside this week taking in the beautiful fall weather.  Ali was so happy that it was still warm enough to wear her new shorts outfit.  As much as Ali loves fall and all of the beauty the season brings with it, she really likes the warm weather we are having….and being able to wear shorts still!

From Noelle: Autumn at the Old Well at University of North Carolina.

From Victoria – For Christmas one year I got a guinea pig t-shirt from my brother and I loved it so much.  I didn’t want to give it up, then my mom decided it would look good on a canvas.  So we stapled it to the canvas and then hung it in my doll’s living room!   Isabelle, Molly, Addy, Lola and Jospehina are loving the new art and can’t wait to show it to all their friends!    By the way the canvas is 8×10 size.

From Eileen Mary – I curled my Felicity’s hair and gave her freckles last week. Follow me on Instagram (@worldwide_dolls) for more.

From Linda – First day of school and the girls are so excited! I had to chase after them to remind Julie and Samantha to wear their helmets!

From Shelby-Grace: I recently did a photoshoot with my doll, Genevieve! This is my favorite picture that I took of her 🙂 

From Kristen L.– The older versions of mini Samantha meet the Beforever version of mini Samantha! I recently found these Beforever sets at Costco, including the three books, the mini doll, and an exclusive bookmark and mini doll stand! (In case you are wondering, it says Samantha 1904 on  the base)

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:
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