I can’t believe that the trees in my yard are already turning shades of orange, yellow and red, but it is the first week of fall, so I should not be surprised! The lighting is perfect today and I think I may just have to get some photography for later this week done this afternoon.

I love all the photos that were sent in this week! The more the merrier so be sure to send yours in for next Sunday.


From Farrah Lily – Meredith is saying goodbye to summer and excited for all of the cozy changes that are starting to take place around here. This photo was taken back in spring and now this tree is full of apples!


From Erin, An Australian AG Fan – Whilst searching through the historical doll clothes box, I managed to create this little 1950’s outfit. Would you believe that Janet’s dress is an actual doll dress from the 1950’s? It was my grandmother’s dress for her old Pedigree Walking Doll (we have the Pedigree Doll too). Janet’s outfit is as authentic as you can get! I also remembered that I had a miniature Blinky Bill book and some cat-eye glasses, so I added them in too!”

comic books

From Fawn – Kevin and CJ are making the most of the cool autumn weekends by pitching their tent and camping out. One of their favorite things to do before lights-out is to read their “Captain America” and “The Amazing Spiderman” comic books sent to them by their buddies in Springfield. They are sure to have adventurous dreams tonight!


From Madelon – Saige and Grace had “dress like your friend” day at school this week.


From Linda G: Oh my, now that she’s finished her yarn octopus, should Sweet Sue start the new Trixie Belden mystery or cut out her Betsy McCalls paper dolls that came in Mom’s magazine today?
Inspired by Maryellen’s pajamas, I found this scrap of 50’s fabric in my stash and made the “shorty” or “baby doll’s” for my childhood doll.

IMG_1771 - Copy

From Margita – Meet Amir (nicknamed Nioj) and his boyfriend Ivan, my custom teenagers. (They were originally Karito Kid girls.) Nioj and Ivan are enjoying some time outside, going for a walk before their weekly volunteer visit to the local nursing home. Ivan plays music and Nioj wants to go into the medical field, so this is a perfect opportunity for them.

maggie in the woods

From Victoria — Recently I did a photo shoot of my doll Maggie inspired by Into the Woods! More at my blog: http://victorialsmithauthor.blogspot.com/


Nicki invited some friends to spend a weekend at the farm. The girls learned all about keeping pet chickens, and they took turns holding Alice, Nicki’s favorite hen. From Stephanie.

Marta and Sonya 092615

From Helen – Medieval princesses!  My dolls Marta and Sonya wearing beautiful gowns I found this week at Marshalls.


From Naomi. My Lydia and my Mom’s Matilda wanted to celebrate the beautiful spring day by having a picnic. Here they are heading out to find the perfect picnic spot. They are wearing their new dresses my Mom made from the Thimbles and Acorns pattern, Gigot Sleeves dress.

Anastasia in the autumn

Anastasia (Shola, H4H) enjoying a sunny September walk. I like the warm soft colour of her eyes in the sunshine.
From Agnieszka.

Kanani scouting 2

From Tony – Kanani is spending the day scouting for monk seals as part of her volunteer work with the Monk Seal Foundation. If she spots any she writes down the time and their location and then reports back to the Foundation. She hopes she is lucky and finds some today.

image1 (1)

From Luv4Dolls – Kit and Saige are enjoying the heat of Florida on their resort balcony!


From Kristen L.– Mini Grace and her friend Roo are exploring the balcony!

photo (1)

From Monica – Saige enjoyed the first day of Autumn on Wednesday in Jess’ meet outfit. It’s still about 90 degrees here, so this was the most fall-looking warm weather outfit I could fine. I’ve never tried it on Saige though, and I think it looks great!

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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