Happy Sunday! I just want to thank Karen again for coming in to Vancouver yesterday to meet me (and make some new friends) and for then putting together that wonderful post that captured our visit so perfectly.

Let’s take a look at the fun your dolls have had this week.

From Shelly – Celeste using the Redbox machine!

From Rachel – This week the dolls wore their favorite outfits to school for their school pictures.

From Lena – I saved up my money and bought some AG pajamas. I bought a pair of My American Girl pajamas and Julie’s. I love them both and would recommend them.

From Noelle: Autumn enjoys the early morning sunshine.

From Bella Goglia aka luna lovegood from harry potter – Spectra is petting her pet dragon. This is also on my doll instgram page which is : the_doll_lady

From Marisa

From Claire. I entered The Doll Wardrobe Fashion Design Contest and it would mean soo much to me if you voted for me! Please vote soon though, because the contest ends TODAY! I am entry #23.

From Emily – September 15th was my doll, Olivia’s, Birthday so the other dolls threw a surprise party here!

From Laura – Sophie had a blast at Camp Doll Diaries this summer! An adventurous girl at heart, she spent most of her days hiking through the woods and playing by the river. She’d like to thank the staff at Camp Doll Diaries for making her first year at camp such a pleasant experience. Please check out her blog for more photos.

From Suzanne – I recently received the awesome Good Morning Sunshine breakfast set from the Doll Diaries Etsy shop as a prize. I just wanted to share this picture of my mini dolls enjoying a tasty breakfast. The dolls are Sienna from Our Generation and Cecile from AG. The black chair is from Joann’s, and the pink chair is from a printable I found online. The table is just a doily on top of a plate stacked on a cup, and the
centerpiece is from one of the AG paper doll sets. Thanks again for this fun prize. This cute set works great for mini dolls as well as
the 18 inch size, and you can see more pictures on my website at dollsonadime.com.

From Tay – here is a picture of a Lorifina doll

This is Dana and her horse Monty.  Dana loves all animals, but especially Monty.  They went out for a trot on a trail near Dana’s house.  When Monty saw the patch of wild flowers he sauntered into it and started eating some of the tasty blooms.  Dana giggled, “Come on Monty…we’ll eat when we get home.”      From JGKelsey

From Agnieszka – Ania (Celia by Asivil) enjoying the last days of this exceptionally beautiful summer.

?(From Isabella) – I got two new dolls for my birthday! Meet Anne and Kit!

Emily exploring this past summer. From Shannon

From Linda – Mrs. Snea is waiting for the children to arrive for the first day of school.

From Tony – Jane’s home schooling has started again. She’s studying math, reading, writing, geography, and music.

From Alicia – My Ellowyne Wilde doll, Felicia decided she wanted me to take some pictures of her! Uh oh, Mckenna get out of the way!

From Kristen L.~ Saige and Anna are having fun playing with mini Anna dolls!

From Melangell – Matilda, Amelia and Clementine from A Girl a For All Time modeling their new Regency dresses.  This is from a pattern by Thimbles and Acorns on pixiefaire.com.

From Sharry – Happy Sunday DD readers! My dolls have just started school and there was a dance in the school gym on Fridayto welcome them back. There was food, fun, and a lot of boogeying down! LOL! You can check out the whole entry at juliestimecapsule.blogspot.com

From Camille – Thank you sooo much!  I love it ALOT!  I made a duct tape craft bag out of duct tape doll sized bag!

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