Thank you all so very much for all the kind emails and comments wishing me good luck with my surgery this week. Everything went really well and I think I will be back on my feet in just another week or so.

Now, let’s see what adventures your dolls had this week!

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) and Elizabeth (JLY #7) had so much fun at Camp Doll Diaries! They are sad that camp has to come to an end, but are excited to start back to school. Their camp Activities Director, Char, had foot surgery. They made a get well card for her and are taking her some pretty flowers and a bright balloon to wish her a speedy recovery and to thank her for all she did.

Veronika (Carpatina) walking in the park. From Agnieszka.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are toasting marshmallows by their campfire at the campsite by the side of the lake that they reached by canoe. As dusk gathers, they talk of the wonderful time that they have had this summer at Camp Doll Diaries. They have made new friends, April, Julie Newman, Jane, Elizabeth and so many more, learned fun crafts, participated in a talent show, travelled to a cafe in Paris and enjoyed week after week of excitment. Thank you, Char, the Camp Doll Diaries team, and the entire Doll Diaries community for a magical summer.

From Morgan – Cecelie is in her Cherry Gown that I got from Etsy.

From Linda : Counselor Sue snaps a final cabin friends photo from camp. Thanks for the fun summer.

From Lily….Julie and Kit hold the belaying ropes for Butterfly and Elizabeth on the rock climbing wall at camp.

From 1776 to 2013, Felicity and Saige are friends across the centuries! From Beth.

From Carol – Here is Jess, dressed in a chamois (deerskin) outfit like the one Singing Bird is wearing in “Kirsten Learns a Lesson.” (I wish you could feel how creamy soft the chamois is, and it was SO easy to sew!)  In her little pouch she carries her bone needle, some sinew for sewing, and her knife. When Singing Bird tells Kirsten goodbye at the end of the book, she gives her the bone needle. Jess, whom I call “Akiko,” can play many roles with her features and coloring…this is my favorite!

Alina performing an experiment in the laboratory. From Paper Doll World.

Saige, Kirsten, Audrey and Lucie are enjoying their first day back to School! From Mathilde Kirsten.

From AgDollLoverAlex~ My Dolls are Having a good time at a restaurant! Its called Darla’s Diner!

TheDollyTrolley: Mia is using her new our generation scooter to get to her job at TheDollyTrolley. Shes also looking forward to the grand opening of the AG store in San Francisco!

From Mariah – My dolls made a new friend this week! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Camp Doll Diaries is over!

From Kristen L.~ Kanani and friends go to the pet shop after school.

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