I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Sorry I didn’t put up a Fashion Finds post yesterday but the day just got away from me and by the time I started putting it together I just wanted to go to sleep!

We have a lot of Sunday Showcase entries this week – take a look:

From Cedar– For my birthday in August, I received a MYAG doll #31.  I got a surprise when I opened her.  On the box was written ‘Gabby’ and inside her meet outfit was a purple leotard and a tracksuit. She also had a short biography on Gabby Douglas. As soon as she was out of the box she went and did gymnastics with some other dolls. Gabby (#31) is a really beautiful doll and I am so happy to have her in my collection.

From Janet –  I was at Tuesday Morning recently when I saw some Pullip dolls for $40.00!  I decided to get Tiger Lily.

From Sharry – Here is a picture of some of my dolls w/ homemade duck tape backpacks (and a book bag) I made using a tutorial by My Froggy Stuff. From L-R:
Susan w/ the owl book bag, April w/ rainbow backpack, Danny w/ Spider-Man backpack, Raychel w/ flower backpack, Stephanie with the yellow and blue backpack (I made that last year),  and Wendy w/ the paint splotch backpack. Susan’s bag was a happy accident. Because of print of the owls going horizontally instead of vertically, I couldn’t follow Froggy’s instructions, so I had to modify them so that the owls would face the right direction. BTW…in the 70s we called these knapsacks. Happy Sunday Doll Diaries!

From Kristen L.~ Kanani and K2 are setting up their picnic.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are enroute to school, Katherine with her books strapped together and her lunch in her tin lunchbox. Rose chose to wear her polka dot outfit because polka dots make her happy. However, she is a little bit shy and nervous about starting school. Fortunately, Katherine is being very encouraging.

Dell and Consuelo on a trip to the countryside. From Agnieszka.

Jane (Marie-Grace) is at the park enjoying the last days of Summer. She’s having fun flying her fish kite. From Tony.
From: aginparadise – I have been practicing my mirror photography skills with Saige today.

From iamskyfox – My new doll Roan decided to dress up as a fall fairy. (She’s bald right now cause I haven’t ordered her a wig yet).

From Nina – Ruthie had a blast playing in the newly fallen leaves.

From Hannah B. – Felicity dressed up as Laura Osnes, who plays Cinderella in the Broadway musical.

From Paper Doll World – My two dolls relaxing outside after a long week of school.

My 2 sets of identical AG twins Sophia and Emma and Amaya and Yoko.  Sophia and Emma are eating cupcakes and riding together on their bicycle.  Amaya and Yoko are rollerblading together (they are proudly showing off their NYC AG store exclusive T shirts that my brother got for me in NYC this summer) and in the other photo Amaya is sleeping and Yoko is using her laptop (she’s brushing her sister’s hair out of her face while she sleeps).
Thanks for considering my entry. From Toby.
From Pepper:  I have been following Doll Diaries for a year now, and still haven’t sent in a photo! Here is an old photo of Saige from LA! While I was walking out of the AG Place, I saw a huge display of pinwheels and had to stop to take a picture. 🙂 I am extremely happy with how the photo turned out, and it is definitely one of my favorites! Oh, and AGSonoranSunset is my YouTube, in case you are wondering from the watermark!

Mini Saige fell off our second floor porch and the fall loosened her arm. Any TLC tips? From Sheliya.

A fun little video from Diana Lee to finish off our Sunday Showcase today:

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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