You all have been busy this week – lots and lots of dolly goodness in my inbox!!

Chloe made a collage of McKenna doing gymnastics.

Sophie’s McKenna doll is ready for winter.

From Delaney – Emily had a wonderful 11th birthday on September 29th…..  she’s dreaming of all the fun she’ll have with her new toys!

Jocelyn got a cute new Build-a-Bear and named her Abby.

Eileen’s dolls look very busy and happy in her doll room.

From Brinley – At the park with Emily, McKenna, and Honey during a beautiful fall day.

Erin made a video of her fall photoshoot.

Ashley sent in this photo of her doll space – very nice use of space.

Madelon’s Ellowyne borrowed dresses from her Heritage doll friends.

MacKenzie was the winner of the Great Outdoors set from The Queen’s Treasures. She was nice enough to share a photo of her dolls enjoying their new set.

From Teeny – This is just one of the many photos I took while at lovely beach on one of the Great Lakes. It was very beautiful, but cold and windy as well!! Caroline and McKenna loved it.  I just got McKenna in the mail a few days ago, so she was very excited to get out and explore, and Caroline was only too happy to accompany her!

From Nina – Caroline and Lydia borrowed my brother’s and went sailing!

Patty’s dolls are all ready for fall!

From Kristen – My  new MyAG #4 named Tabby Novak ! I got her 2 weeks ago today, and I love her! She is one of my favorite two dolls, and I just find her adorable. She is a bit tomboyish, and she enjoys nature. She works her hardest to preserve her forests and wildlife around her, overall she is a sweet and caring girl.

Deb’s Life of Faith dolls are enjoying a cup of tea with their new tea set from The Queen’s Treasures.

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