Good morning everyone! I hope you and your dolls had a great week. Let’s see what they were up to this week.

From Pine Valley Girls Club– We had the oppurtunity to borrow a Caroline this past week. She is such as beautiful doll! We dressed her up in a combination of Addy’s clothing. Isn’t the pretty?

From Tony – Jane is performing a song on the lyre for her family. It’s a new song that she learned in music class.

From Noelle: Chrissa goes out on a rainy day to climb her favorite tree.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are having great fun at the park playing with their new pinwheels and also with Rose’s puppy.

From Suzanne – I took a Springfield doll pair of jeans and made some cut off shorts for Molly.  Then with the extra fabric I made a dress for Pullip and a skirt for Ellowyne!

From Rachel – This week was school spirit week for the dolls. They loved making these dresses for duck tape day!

From Pauline – A walk in the park with little pug puppy Rufus.

For the past few months I’ve made it a goal to put as many pictures as I could on my bedroom wall. I’m still currently working on the collage, trying to make it as big as I possibly can, but I discovered that the pictures make the most incredible backdrop. This was one of my favorite pictures, and you can see the rest of them at my blog, on this post;
Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂 ~Adaline

From Suzanne – Saige and mini Caroline are enjoying their new Beforever book together. I made this mini version of “Catch the Wind: My Journey with Caroline.” For a review of AG’s new interactive journey series, read my blog post at

From Melangell – My daughter set up a salon/spa.

From Pine Valley Girls Club~ We are so excited that fall is finally here! That means pumpkins, hay bail rides, and adorable autumn wardrobes for our dolls!

From Sharry – Good morning everyone! Julie is visiting her friends Stephanie (bottom bunk) and Melody (top bunk),  to see their new dog Snowflake (AG Coconut), and to play dolls (AG mini Julie, Molly and Ruthie). Is their room groovy?

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:
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