Good morning and welcome to another Sunday Showcase! I just love seeing all the photos our readers send in and look forward to sharing them with you every week!


From Emily – Elizabeth loves to play mermaid at the neighborhood pond! She looks stunning in her tail that my neighbor made for her!


From Bridget – Last weekend I went to a real Indian powwow at Indian Steps Museum in PA with Mosi. We learned about many different Indian nations and even got to dance inside the circle! My favorite was the candy dance where you danced until the drumming stopped then you could pick up as much candy as you could.


From Peace – I have been experimenting with making doll stop motions lately. Here is a little behind the scenes pictures!


From Lexie – Eileen and I made cookies this week, and I thought that this was too cute not to share. See how I made the dress here.


From Stephanie – Nicki and Jessica roller skating on a beautiful fall afternoon.

Kanani posters

From Tony – Kanani is enjoying the day putting up “Save the Monk Seals” posters in front of her home. She will go back and take them down tomorrow so they don’t litter the beach.


From Madelon – Stopped by AGDC to see what is new and found Maryellen serving up lunch in the Seaside Diner.

Kaya for Doll Diaries

Kaya wishes she could enjoy the nice weather outside, but it has been way too wet and rainy for that lately. I guess she will just have to enjoy fall with all the pumpkins and fake cobwebs inside! -From Emmie


From Kristen L.– Molly, Kanani, and Ivy are deciding what to be for Halloween. They decided they want to try to “disneybound” as a character. Can anyone guess who Ivy is disneybounding as? (pink bow, purple shirt, white skirt, pink flats)

sunday showcase

From Victoria — I put together some cold weather outfits for my dolls! My blog:

We can’t wait to see your photo here next week!

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