It looks like everyone had a great week and so many dolls are getting ready for Halloween! And just in case you hadn’t already seen it – there is quite an assortment of dolls and doll goodies on Zulily today! Everything from Terri Lee dolls, Zeenie dolls, Vannage dolls, Springfield doll clothes, American Doll Rooms, and much more!!

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are all set for Halloween “trick or treating” on Thursday. They have been having great fun putting together their costumes and pretending to fly around the doll room, Katherine on her broomstick and Rose with her fairy wings.

From Rachel M – This is my Springfield doll Maria Sofia in a Spanish flamenco dancer’s outfit and imagining she is entertaining people Madrid. (My mom made the outfit.)

From Tony – Jane is getting ready to go the Halloween Masquerade Ball. ~ Jane and I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

From Agnieszka – Dell in Wroclaw, an absolutely wonderful city in the west of Poland.

Kaitlyn was one of the September Reader Photo contest winners. She did a beautiful photo shoot with McKenna modeling her new top.

From Katie M. – This is the Sweet Dreams Madame Alexander. “Oh, I wonder when Katie will learn to sew an outfit for me. I really need one.”

From Kristen L – Ivy is on a walk and has her umbrella in case it starts to rain.

From Jo – Kendra is enjoy the nice fall weather.

From Jordy – This is Okami (her name means wolf in Japanese if you were wondering), the picture is one I snapped of her chillin’ on the hammock.

From Jennifer – Maylin and Sam have finally moved in with Emily, Kit, Dallas and Saige. They are living here until there mom can afford airfare and buy a house. Maylin( blonde Tinkerbelle) is a reporter for her new school and Sam (Strawberry Shortcake) is playing with Saige.

From Michelle – Sophia as a crossing guard.

From Hannah – I made this poster of my dolls for Halloween next Thursday. By the way, the gumball costume is by Doll Diaries/Karen!

From Hannah B – Molly dressed up in her skating clothes to watch Skate America  with me last weekend. Go Team USA!

From Iriah – here is the summer swimsuit I sewed – hopefully I will be selling it sometime soon.

**Photos submitted over the weekend for the the Dolloween Parade will be posted tonight or tomorrow morning. Keep sending them in – they are fabulous!

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