Are your dolls having lots of outdoor adventures this fall? Are they getting ready for the Dolloween Parade? We always like to see what fun you are having – let’s take a look at this week’s reader photos.

From Jenny – We are huge American Girl fans and Frozen fans, so doing this project has been a dream come true. I have attached a photo of my latest creation, inspired by other doll creations with Elsa that I have seen…bigmoon2010, agoverseasfan, etc. So I really hope you enjoy it!

From Lauren – Saige and Mia are modeling the very first two duct tape dresses I have ever made! Mia’s is more of a Summer sun dress and Saige’s has short sleeves. You will be seeing Saige’s dress sometime later since it is part of her Halloween costume! Happy Sunday Showcase everyone!!!!

From Pine Valley Girls Club~ McKenna takes a break after helping her friends sew Halloween costumes.

From Kristen L.– K2 and Kanani are enjoying this beautiful day, and are picking up wilted plumerias.

From Madelon – Did anyone celebrate Caroline’s birthday on the 22nd? Happy Belated Birthday Caroline.

From Sharry – Here’s a picture of 2 of my AGs, Sunny (Julie), and my newest girl MAG #47, Shante’, playing on the see-saw at the school playground. The see-saw was an Etsy purchase.

From Katie – I did a photo shoot with Apple White and this was my favorite pic!

From Chantel – Meet American Girl Beforever Addy! My daughter’s birthday present.  Also I surprised her with retired mini dolls Cecille and Marie Grace! Check out my review of the New Addy doll! American Girl BeForever Addy Review:

From Agnieszka – This is  my doll Ada (Princess Larissa by Melissa&Doug). I love her because she has such a sweet, sunny face. Whenever I look at her, I feel so happy that I must smile.

Hello everybody! This week, on my blog, I started a Dolloween series! The two Dolloween posts I’ve done so far are how to make an adorable Minnie Mouse costume and some outdoor Halloween decor! If you want to see the tutorials, here is a link to my blog!: I hope you all have a good Sunday! 😉 ~ Kaitlyn

From Aileen – Danielle loves her horsey. I haven’t thought of a name for him yet.

From Fawn – Have you been watching the World Series?  Kevin is a huge baseball fan. His favorite team, the Orioles, is not playing so he’s rooting for the Royals because his Uncle Mike says it’s the team to beat.

From Erin (an Australian AG Fan) – I took advantage of my last two visits to my Aunty’s house and my grandparents’ house to take photos of my historical time-traveler. Kira Eloise Everson (if you’re on Facebook, look her up). The first one is of her on my Aunty’s back verandah (I took it about 3 weeks ago). The second is her in my grandparents’ luscious backyard on my 15th Birthday, which was Saturday, 11th October (I’ll try and compile all of the photos into a video soon). She’s a truly beautiful doll and I’m so upset they have officially archived her. 

From Rachel – The dolls are getting ready for Halloween!

From Suzanne – Here’s a simple Cinderella dress I made from an old dress-up skirt and some tulle. You can see how I did it on my blog at The doll is from Paradise Kids, and the golden shoes are from Springfield.

From Isabella and Kit – Maddie and Venus are hanging out on Ever After High campus. ” Wow I wish Monster High was like this” Venus tells Maddie. ” Although I would miss Frankie , Draculara and the rest of the bunch.


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