Good morning everyone! Thanks again to all who sent in photos this week – it looks like the dolls have had some fun adventures.

From Kristen L.– Mini Elizabeth and Mini Beforever Samantha have a mini tea party!

From Paula – Kit, Felicity and Samantha all dressed up for tricks or treats.

From Madelon – Nellie celebrated her birthday on October 15.

I am Saskia from and last week (8th october) was Saiges birthday, so I did a little birthday photo shootwith Saige. Happy belated birthday to all Saige dolls!

From Rachel – This week the dolls went apple picking in a nearby orchard. Almost got it, Elizabeth!

From Joanna – This week the dolls went apple picking in a nearby orchard. Almost got it, Elizabeth!

From Agnieszka – Sophie (Paola Reina, Soy Tu) in a park, smelling autumn flowers.

From Adaline – I recently tried the Forever Braid on my doll MK, and though it didn’t end up wrapping all the way around her head like it was supposed to, I’m quite pleased with the results. There are more pictures of this photo-shoot here:

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are on their way to a birthday party. They are very excited about all the fun, games and treats that await them and hope very much that their friend likes the gifts they have chosen for her.

From Tony – It’s such a lovely Fall day, Jane decided to go to the park and sail her boat on the little pond.

From Melangell – We went to the Renaissance Festival today.  Matilda was hoping to meet King Henry VIII and his Queen but they were very busy on this last weekend.  She is poising here in front of the pond.  I spent a day beading the neckline and front of her petticoat plus I added a chain belt to spiff up her meet outfit.

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