Oh what a rainy, gloomy few days it has been! I am so glad we have all these gorgeous photos to brighten the day!

From Cedar- Last week Gabby and I went to Canberra (Capital of Australia) to go to Floriade, which is a huge springtime flower festival. My Gabby Douglas doll had lots of photos taken with the flowers.

From Olive– My doll Olive wanted to see how many dogs she could take on a bike ride at once!

From April– A Doll Rainbow to welcome the Springtime, here in Australia.

From Pepper – Here is yet again another photo of Saige! (She is the most photogenic doll ever.) In the distance you can see her hot air balloon which she is day dreaming about. Her hairstyle was so much fun to do!

From Olivia –  Elizabeth and Ivy are planning a Welcome Home party for their sister, Kanani, who is currently recovering in the Doll Hospital. “Where should I put the Pinata?” Ivy asks.

From aginparadise – McKenna and Kylie (MAG #24) show off their winter outfits. McKenna is wearing the new Sparkle Party Dress and Kylie is wearing the AG exclusive winter item/package that was posted about earlier this week on DD. I recently got these items at AGP and am sooo happy with them.

From Katrina – Happy early Dolloween everyone! Marie is all ready for Dolloween how bout your dolls? If you can guess what she is, you’ll get a treat of a virtual piece of candy and a jack-o-lantern!! Boo!!

From Jennifer – The winner is Emily at the October fantasy fair.

From craftyamericangirl – Rebecca is her sweater and the leaves are falling on the way to the pumpkin patch.

From Abby W  – Kit poses for a photo in black and white.

From Lisa – Here is a picture of my doll. Her name is Alexandra, she is a Madame Alexander Dolls Favorite Friends , and is also an ice skater.

From Pauline in Brazil – This photo is the “video poster” of my newest AGSM. In this story, my doll Annie (My AG #55)… you will have to watch! Hope you guys like it!

From Layla – My Sister and I just majorly increased the size of our mini doll family. We had Saige then we found a group of 8 like new dolls on craigslist for $10 A doll. We are so happy! #1 From Left to Right: Top Row: Grace (Marie-Grace), Felicity, Josefina, Nellie, Saige, Bottom Row: Cecile, Becky (Rebecca), Samantha, and Ella (Elizabeth). #2 My Dad helped me make a stand of them and it is big enough to add more dolls to our collection! #3 A look at all the books. Follow the Minis as they set up house @ www.followingfootprintswithsaige.blogspot.com

From Tony – Jane was so happy to be invited to her neighbor’s party. Her mother bought her a new dress to wear. The dress was a custom order from eBay member drommer0.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose expressed great delight in the new dolls’ house furniture that Rose bought with money saved from doing chores. By reusing packaging, they’ve constructed walls for their dolls’ new room. Rose enjoys arranging the furniture. Katherine remains a little bemused by the modern styles, but thoroughly enjoys decorating and playing with their new dolls’ house, nonetheless.

Lanie decided to go apple picking and brought her doll with her. Little Kit begs Lanie to let her have a bite of the apple she picked. From Sophia.

From Madelon – I was looking for hot air balloon fabric on the Internet when I found this hot air balloon fabric sold by Southwest Decoratives Kokopelli Quilting Company. The company is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, home of the hot air balloon festival.

Last weekend Chloe (Corolle) went to an open-air Museum of Miniature Architecture. She was happy to see buildings that were just right for her size. Here she is “in Rome”, feeling like a real tourist. From Agnieszka.

According to a few sources, Saige had a birthday last week. This is a photo from Michelle wishing Saige a Happy Birthday.

Kristen L’s Saige celebrated, too. Saige is so excited it is her birthday! She is opening a few of her presents.

From Regan – I took pictures of Molly and this is my favorite one. I just love the effect on it.

From Katie M – This is my collector Barbie. I was just goofing around with the camera and took this.

From iamskyfox – Here is my Pukifee Ante, Roan. She was in the middle of asking me why I haven’t bought her an adventure hat.

From Sarah (who won the September American Doll Room Giveaway) – Thanks so much for this! I could not be more grateful. Sadly, I’ve been so busy for the past week that I haven’t had time to completely put it together yet! Thanks again for the contest and my prize!

From Beth – Kirsten is ready to participate in the quilting bee! She loves learning about quilts.

From Bethany M – My Barbies are all working out at the gym. Destiny is doing her yoga, Ro is on a homemade treadmill, and Tanya is quenching her thirst with a drink from the water cooler. If you like the water cooler, keep checking my YouTube Channel, Magical Glimmers, for a tutorial on how to do it.

Throwback Thursday UPDATE. We didn’t get enough submissions last week to have the feature. For next week, the theme is going to be RETIRED AMERICAN GIRL BOOTS! Yes, boots – there should be PLENTY of them around as boots have been a favorite of American Girl for years. Dolls may appear in the photo as well. Please save me time by resizing your images to 540 pixels wide first and put THROWBACK BOOTS in the subject line of your email to me at share@dolldiaries.com.

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