It is time for everyone’s favorite feature of the week! Sunday Showcase. In case you are new to Doll Diaries, Sunday Showcase is a way for doll fans around the world to share their favorite photo of their doll(s) for the week. Everyone is welcome to participate – just check out the instructions at the bottom of the post.

From Rachel – Rebecca is crowned homecoming queen by Nellie

By JGKelsey – Chavonne, Kyla, and Jordanna went to the outdoor mall in search of some great fall fashions.  Pretty soon the dresses will be put away and the sweaters will come out.  Hopefully not too soon!

From melangell.  It was raining here, so I had to take an indoor photo.  Autumn, my custom, modern Josefina is showing you her new Halloween outfit.  She has on brown corduroy pants, an orange pumpkin top that was cut down from my daughters shirt and the shoes are from the new Coconut Fun set.  Happy Halloween.

From Linda G – History Day at School.  The friends chose a time period in American history to research. Sweet Sue will report on the 1950’s. Chloe is ready to tell about “Life in the 1970’s.”  Kirsten will describe Pioneer times and Kit will talk about Colonial days.  They had a lot of fun finding appropriate costumes to wear.

From Fawn – I don’t have instagram but enjoyed this summer’s CDD challenges so much that I couldn’t resist participating in October’s photo challenges anyway. October 6 was “hat”.  Here is Lydia posing in her Halloween costume wearing a hat that I found at Goodwill and adapted for her.  It reminds her of Mary Crawley’s riding hat on Season 1, Episode 1 of Downton Abbey.  But instead of riding a horse, Lydia is riding a broom!

From Bethany – I finally got my Isabelle doll! I am so happy! I took a whole bunch of photos of her, but this one is my favorite. Visit my YouTube channel, MagicalGlimmers, for doll videos and coming soon all my pics from this photo shoot.

From Kristen L.- Molly was trying on Halloween costume ideas (she’s wearing a princess-inspired costume, it reminds me a little of the Cinderella costume Molly dreamed of in the book, don’t you think?) until Saige runs into the room screaming, “WE’RE GOING TO MARS!!” (She’s holding doll sized boarding passes for the Orion, NASA is having an opportunity to “go to Mars”, basically putting your name in a chip that goes on the Orion.) We have our tickets, are you going to go? (You can sign up until the 31st at:

From Jan – I just got my first Ellowyne, Essential Ellowyne 6 Brown, this week! :-). She is just beautiful and so fun to photograph.  I have named her Juliet.  It was a gorgeous day earlier this week, so Miss Juliet headed out to do some daydreaming.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are spending a quiet evening together enjoying playing with their dolls and dollhouses as well as reading doll stories. What a lovely time they are having!

From Jennifer – Going for a cruise.

From Linda – Mrs. Snea’s Third Grade Class picture. Back row: McKenna, Samantha, Caroline, Nikki. Front row: Julie, Kirsten, Saige and Mrs. Snea.

From Suzanne – Several months ago I found a beautiful jointed plush rabbit at the thrift store for only $4. She came in a lovely pink satin dress, which fits several of my dolls, so I made this collage to show how it looks on the different girls. The other dolls are Saige from American Girl, Ellie from Heidi Ott, and a re-wigged porcelain doll from Duck House. Except for Saige, all these dolls were purchased for under $5. You can see more pictures of these dolls and other thrifty doll finds on my blog at

From Kylie G – Mini Julie wants to know if this is the right pumpkin for her! 

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:
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