I don’t know about where you are, but here it really feels like Fall this morning! I just love crisp mornings like these and think we may just need to take some sort of an adventure today. Speaking of adventures, it is time to see what your dolls have been up to all week.


From Farrah Lily – Parts of the world and falling into Autumn while the other half is jumping into Spring.  It’s getting very chilly and colorful around here in NY, but my mind always wanders to how wonderful it is to see the new growth of spring that the other side of the world gets to now experience. This was taken last May when Miss Cutie Pie Elizabeth (with her little bob haircut!) came to join our family.


From Dawn – I made this fun reversible hooded vest for my American Girl doll and I thought your readers would like a copy of the pattern. I made the pattern myself and it’s free to download. Here’s the link: Free Pattern Reversible Vest for American Girl Dolls


This is a photo I took of my doll Caroline. 🙂 ~ Ms. AGdoll


From Cordelia – During Rose’s visit with Marisa at her cabin in a National Park, the dolls spent much time outside. Here they are grateful to return to their cozy camp after a long hike in the woods.


From Diana L. – I hope you enjoy my new stop motion I made to the song “Our Own House” by Misterwives, and this fun collage I put together for it! You can watch my video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbJmV3OzUVs

Saige, Tipi, & Molly

From Emmie – Another busy week! Here is Saige isenjoying fall & Molly is in the doll bedroom. Tipi had a gymnastics meet & is going to go out with her friends. Hurry up and get that pretty dress on Tipi! Your friends Kaya and Jenny are going to leave without you soon!


From Charlotte – Hi everyone! Here is a picture of Grace eating some yummy macaroons in Paris! MMMMMMMM!


From Madelon – Wearing a modified Build-a-Bear panda dress.

Kanani rain 2

From Tony – Kanani loves exploring the beach, even in the rain. You never know what will wash up on the beach during a rain storm, but she wishes people would remember to put their water bottles and other trash in the recycle and trash bins and not leave them on the beach.


From Kristen L.- Yesterday, (10/10) I found the AG pet sets at Costco. In the Costco magazine, it said the AG pets and mini doll sets would appear on October 15th, so I don’t know why this store had them out already. Anyways, for Saige’s birthday, I picked up the Costco Exclusive Cocker Spaniel to join our pet family!

We love seeing what you make for your dolls, adventures they have, and great finds. If you would like to submit your photo for next week’s Sunday Showcase, here are the basics:

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Have a great week!!