I hope everyone had a great week!! From the looks of everyone’s photos, the dolls had a great week!

Ready for the Veterans Celebration! From Becky W.

From Rachel D. – The dolls threw a party on November 5th to celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday!

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose are happy to be in their classroom learning new information. Rose is having trouble with the last math equation, though, and Katherine can’t think of the answer either. I’m sure that they will figure it out, though, if they try their best.

From Annalise & Cristin – This past weekend we completed a fun thrift-store-find project. We found an awesome OG wardrobe a few weeks ago [for $8.00] at our local thrift store.  After a little cleaning, we decided to give it a total makeover.  We turned the wardrobe into our own personalized design studio {inspired by AG’s Isabelle, her stories, and her studio} we set out to make our own costume/design/alteration studio.
We wanted to share this idea with all of the creative Doll Diaries readers, because sometimes when you are walking through the thrift store, you might just happen upon your next 18 inch doll project!
From Fawn – It was a rainy Indian Summer kind of day.  Corrine sees her reflection in a puddle.  She thinks she will break in her new rain boots by jumping in because soon it will be too cold to play in water.

Happy Halloween. All costumes done by Caroline –  from left to right McKenna as spooky spider lady. Caroline Abott as a witch. Lindsey as crazy mismatch girl. Rebecca as Katniss from Hunger Games. Julie Albright as the nerd. Kanani as the corpse bride!

Kenna just chilln’. The iPad I cut out of a magazine and glued to cardboard. Mini Isabelle is from target. From: Callie

From Stephanie J – I recently learned that Justice sells 18″ doll clothes and when I found out there was a 40% off sale I just had to buy some! In this photo Kit is modeling the “3-pc Zebra Sleep Set.” It includes footed pajamas, a sleeping bag, and an eye-mask. Doesn’t she look adorable?

From Lalaboobaby – Wanted to share a picture of my doll house.  It’s the My Girls Dollhouse.  Still adding things to it. A true work in progress.  I also have the 1930s stove from The Queens Treasure in the kitchen which I Love.  I enjoy your blog as a fellow adult doll collector.

Here are some photos of some hats I made this week.  There is a free printable pattern on my blog also!  Thank you! Happysuz from Zanaree.com

From Flo – Here’s Marie-Grace trying out the new bed and bedding I made.  Check out the details on my blog at http://sayhellotomylittlefriends.wordpress.com/2014/11/05/from-box-to-bed/

Last weekend Erin (Carpatina) and me went to a park and there we played checkers against each other using fallen leaves. From Agnieszka

?Diana doing school…..She wants to listen to Owl City more though. From Madi?


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