So, I took an unexpected day off yesterday – sorry if I confused or worried anyone. I went to Williamsburg to watch Megan’s high school cheer team compete at regionals, did a a little outlet shopping, and just relaxed. Anyhow, there will be LOTS of action on Doll Diaries today – all the October reader photos are now posted, you get to enjoy Sunday Showcase and I have some other surprises for you too.

From Pepper – Saige’s hair after curling it.

From Tony – Jane is back from trick-or-treating and is ready for the Masquerade Ball. She can’t wait to see the other costumes. There will be tricks and treats and bobbing for apples.

Isabelle posing out by some fall decorations.  From Livelovedolls.

Katherine and Rose decided that a shopping trip would brighten up yet another overcast day. With a parasol in case the sun does shine, money in their purses, and a lengthly wish list, they are all set for a day out. I wonder what they will buy? From Cordelia.

From Kathy – Caroline and Inkpot have time traveled to 2013. Caroline is wearing a homemade version of the AG Spooky Fun Outfit. Her shirt is made with a scrapbook sticker and her tights are made from dollar store socks.

Kit and Saige attend an awards ceremony. From Jennifer.

From Noelle – I took a picture after a did Caroline’s hair! It’s was stick straight and now I’m in love!

From Lauren C – my dolls having a holiday bake sale with the Bake Shoppe from The Queen’s Treasures.

Also from Lauren C – getting ready for the holidays – already!!

From Kristen L.: Saige is picking some pink plumerias and is putting them in a pile.

From Stephanie J. – Last Saturday (Oct. 26) was my birthday and I received some really nice clothing for my AGs! Kaitlyn’s wearing the School Days Outfit, Isabella’s wearing the Flower Sweater and Skirt set, Ariana’s wearing the Striped Hoodie Outfit, and Zoey’s wearing a CMU (Central Michigan University)  cheerleading uniform. Go Chippewas!

From Abby W. – Amber curls up with a pumpkin on a fall day.

From Lisa – Look at Alexandra’s arabesque! They’re really coming along!

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