Good morning everyone! I hope you have had a great week and by the looks of it, your dolls certainly have! Let’s get started.

From Cordelia – Katherine and Rose returned from a walk by the river with a very muddy puppy so it’s now puppy bathtime. With all the splashing, I’m not sure whether the puppy or the dolls will end up wetter! Growltiger looks on, glad that she is spared a bath.

From Sharry – Here is a picture of my new Adora Jasmine doll. I’ve renamed her Kim, but kept Jasmine as her middle name. Isn’t she precious? I just love her face mold because she looks like a real little girl! I love the way her head tilts as if she wants to say something. Happy Sunday!

From Kristen L.: K2 and Kanani are shopping at a toy store.

From Riley – Amelia at the Mountains

On Wednesday the fabulous Maudlynne Macabre joined my doll family. I got her as a birthday present and it was such a surprise. From-Livelovedolls 

From Beth – Saige is whispering a secret to Kit. Maybe she is sharing what she hopes Santa will bring her!

From Jordy – Roan playing in her room.

From Melissa – Here are some pictures that I took of my dolls with my camera. We have Saige, Kanani, (mag  #55) Savanna, and Molly. I hope you enjoy them!

From Katie M. – This a picture I took of Marie-Grace (Gracie) daydreaming. “I hope Katie will adopt Saige for her birthday. I would love another sister!” I hope I get Saige for my birthday too, Gracie!

Evilina, Rapunzel and Evi  (all by Simba Toys) are kindly looking after their new doll friend’s plush toys.  Submitted by Meg_DollFanInAfrica.

From Tony – Jane (Marie-Grace) wants to show off her fancy new hairdo. She’s wearing the new brown Chic Bun from My Twinn. The bun is even bigger than the AG Chic Bun, but we love the style. Without the flash from the camera the color is a pretty good match to Jane’s hair. It’s an easy way for her to have a fancy hair style and I think it goes well with her time period.

From Agnieszka – So far November has been very nice and sunny in Poland. In the picture, Amelia is enjoying probably one of the last such warm days before winter.

From Heather – Kaya and Kirsten wanted to act out a scene from Kirsten Learns a Lesson.  Kaya, as Singingbird, is showing Kirsten how big her teepee really is. It’s a scene from one of my favorite illustrations in the book.

From Madelon – November 21 was National Gingerbread Day and Cecile celebrated by making some gingerbread of her own. Her gingerbread is actually a Christmas ornament.

From Jessica – Mini Cecile enjoying the fresh air and sunshine in her new dress. Do you like it? She certainly does!

From Alisha C.-Here’s a quick photo I got of Marie-Grace, the newest member of my doll family! She came to me a couple of months ago. I meant to get a picture of her then, but at least I can show her to you now!

From Sheilya – Mini Saige is very curious about the snow. (It never snows in New Mexico).

From Camille – This is my new Corolle doll. I got her at the thrift store.

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